Demi Lovato ‘Rocked’ By Mac Miller’s Suspected Overdose Death: ‘That Could Have Been Her,’ Per ‘HL’

Jamie McCarthy/Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

Demi Lovato had a close call when she survived a major overdose on July 24. So when she heard about Mac Miller’s suspected death due to an overdose, a source told Hollywood Life that it impacted Demi heavily. This is what the source said.

“Demi has been rocked by Mac Millers [sic] death… She feels like that could have been her, not surviving an overdose. She has been crying and fighting back tears since she checked into rehab, and hearing about Mac’s death has only made things more real.”

It appears that Demi didn’t actually know Mac on a personal level, but as an artist struggling with substance abuse, she can relate to Miller. The singer reportedly is trying to learn from Mac’s death, even reportedly feeling that “he died so that she can live.”

“Demi is doing her best now to stay sober and believes that Mac’s death, while sad, is something she can learn from and use to draw strength from.”

Mac Miller’s sudden passing has been devastating for his fans and the music industry. On September 11, people gathered in Pittsburgh at Frick Park to pay their respects to the late singer. His grandmother, Marcia Weiss, thanked everyone for coming and emphasized that Mac loves Pittsburgh, and that “he loves you all,” detailed the Rolling Stone.

Meanwhile, Demi has been in rehab in an attempt to work on her sobriety. She updated her fans on August 5 via an Instagram post, where she shared a message to her fans and family about her progress. She thanked everyone, and also added that she’ll need time to heal and recover. The post got over 6.2 million likes, with tons of support pouring in. Many fans encouraged her, let her know that they miss her, and told her to keep fighting.

It’s no wonder that Demi is feeling so impacted by Mac’s passing, considering that newer reports have revealed that she knows she’s “lucky to be alive,” according to Life and Style Magazine. Reports reveal that the singer is taking rehab very seriously. This has included putting her L.A. home up for sale, which is where she suffered from her overdose.

Her fans hope that her treatment goes well, and that she’s able to pick herself back up on the road to recovery. Unfortunately, the substance that Demi overdosed on, oxycodone, is highly addictive. While the prescription is given to people to help manage pain, its abuse can be very dangerous.