Tamar Braxton Reveals On 'Wendy Williams Show' That She Was Molested

Tamar Braxton made a shocking revelation during her taping for The Wendy Williams Show on Wednesday, telling the veteran host that as a child she was molested, which was first reported by TMZ.

The interview began with a delve into the usual Braxton family drama, as her and her sisters recently had a sit down with the inspirational speaker Iyanla Vanzant in an effort to squash the trouble the had been going down among the women. Things didn't exactly go according to the original intentions, however, and ended with Tamar leaving the meeting with all of the issues still unresolved for reasons she didn't originally make clear.

Williams continually pressed on Braxton throughout the interview in an effort to figure out what exactly it was that made her snap and leave the session. Tamar eventually relented and revealed the dark secret that she had been a victim of molestation on both sides of her family. Upon this shocking revelation, both Williams and her audience were stunned into silence.

Being that the show has yet to air and the only witnesses to the reveal were Braxton, Williams, and the audience, it isn't clear what exactly triggered the memory for Braxton, whether it was something that was brought up in the session or if it was something that she kept within herself and eventually decided to reveal, comfortable enough with Williams to tell her.

TMZ did have some sources in the audience who say that after the admission was made, Williams no longer pressed her on any more details regarding her molestation and at no point did Braxton ever say who exactly it was who committed those acts against her.

The interview was not solely focused on Braxton's traumatizing event and the reality star did have some positive news in her life, telling Williams about the new man in her life. Braxton has been dating a new man for the past nine months after breaking up with her husband, the songwriter and record producer Vincent Herbert, at the beginning of the year. Her relationship with her ex-husband has become even more fractured since the split and at one point, Herbert had to be banned from Braxton's apartment building due to the arguments that the couple would engage in, according to reports from TMZ. Braxton didn't reveal the name of her new boyfriend.

Wendy Williams' entire interview with Braxton will be airing on The Wendy Williams Show on Thursday.