NFL News: Latest Betting Odds On Which Team Will Sign Dez Bryant This Season

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One of the best wide receivers in the entire NFL isn’t even in the league currently. He’s been without a job since being released by the Dallas Cowboys in April.

There have been whispers here and there as to where Dez Bryant could sign, but nothing has ended up happening.

The 2018 regular season is officially underway now, though, and he’s still without a team, but the betting odds show that there are plenty of teams who are considering bringing him in.

During the preseason, Bryant went to Cleveland and ended up visiting with the management of the Browns for a couple of days. It seemed as if both sides were interested in making something work, but Bryant left Cleveland and went home — without a deal in place.

Right now, Week 1 of the season is a thing of the past, finding Dez Bryant still sitting idle and untapped. Some believe that he may not play at all this year, but it seems unlikely that not a single team in the league could find a place for such a strong receiver.

The thing is, Bryant has displayed talent enough to become a near necessity — even if a team has a roster stacked with some of the best wide-outs in the NFL.

Without a current team and with many wondering just where he may end up, My Bookie has revealed the latest betting odds on where Dez Bryant could potentially play this season.

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Of course, betting odds are purely speculative, but it’s interesting to see who is leading that race. Right now, the Browns are still the odds-on favorite to sign Bryant, and that is likely due to the fact that he actually paid the team a visit.

Here are the current odds as of Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018:

  • Cleveland Browns +200
  • Washington Redskins +300
  • New England Patriots +300
  • Tennessee Titans +400
  • Baltimore Ravens +500
  • Seattle Seahawks +600
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +600
  • San Francisco 49ers +600
  • Does Not Play +500
  • Field (Any Other Team) +200

The New England Patriots are one of those teams that could make a surprise move, attempting to sign Bryant to a deal. They are already a team loaded with high-end talent, and adding him could easily make the Pats the favorite to win the Super Bowl this year.

As reported by Inquisitr, though, the Patriots did just sign receivers Corey Coleman and Bennie Fowler earlier this week.

When the Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant, many people thought that he would be signed by another NFL team in an instant. Now, almost five months have passed, the 2018 regular season has started — and he’s still without a contract.

One team or another will certainly need a wide receiver to fill in for an injury or to offer veteran help, and those sports fans laying money on the table have the odds in favor of the Browns or Redskins being the team to pick Bryant.