‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Julian’s Questioned, Oscar Fights Back, And Anna Gets Emotional

Craig SjodinABC

There are some emotional and difficult conversations ahead according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Kim is beside herself over Oscar’s health and Anna is anxious to smooth things over with her family members. Julian is in a tough position when it comes to the mess at Charlie’s and Oscar is going to be angry with Cameron during the September 12 show.

As viewers saw on Tuesday’s episode, Chase uncovered the skull of the body hidden at Charlie’s as he investigated the explosion. General Hospital spoilers from the preview shared on Twitter reveal that Chase will be asking Julian about the body, and luckily, Julian can honestly say he knew nothing about it.

Julian doesn’t know what the scoop is on that body, but he did notice how frantic Mike was with the explosion and he’s pieced some of the details together here. He hates Sonny with a passion, but he’ll probably hold off on saying too much until he can get a better handle on exactly who was stashed away in the basement of the pub.

Kim has shared a bit of information about Oscar’s condition with Elizabeth, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Liz will follow up in hopes of learning more. Elizabeth will ask what Oscar’s prognosis is, and this will surely prompt an emotional response from Kim.


As Oscar was being treated at General Hospital, Cameron stunned Josslyn with an uninvited kiss. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Oscar will learn of this kiss during Wednesday’s show and he’ll confront Cam and even throw a punch at him.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Franco will be feeling unnerved over something during this next show and previews reveal that he’ll reach out to Drew for a chat. Franco will want to pick Drew’s brain over something, and it’ll be interesting to see if this is related to his talk with Elizabeth about co-parenting the boys or if it’s connected to something else.

Wednesday’s show also brings some scenes involving Anna and Robert, and it sounds as if Robin will be popping up to visit her mom too. It’s known that actress Kimberly McCullough is returning for a short stint as Robin and Anna will be doing her best to repair her relationship with her daughter after the stunning Peter revelations.

Mike will continue to be rattled after the situation at Charlie’s and he’ll get emotional as he talks with Sonny and Carly about the possibility that his illness is progressing. This is going to be a challenging time for all involved and the family is facing some difficult decisions.

What comes next with this dead body situation and is there any hope for saving Oscar’s life with this illness? General Hospital spoilers tease that things will get increasingly intense as the week continues and fans won’t want to miss what comes next.