Kanye West Finally Returns to Instagram

Neilson Barnard Getty Images

It has been six months since Kanye West last left Instagram, wiping his account clear of all remnants and posts of the pasts. His last post was a Valentine’s Day photo of his wife, which was also later deleted. Before his flurry of Valentine’s Day posts in February 2018, he had been AWOL from Instagram since May of 2017. While he has been extremely active on Twitter during this time, fans hoped he would return to the photo based platform and share deeper looks and insights into his work and life.

However, on Tuesday, West made a big splash with his return to Instagram. And he did not gift fans with just one post or two. West posted six whole times on his first day back, leading fans to speculate that he has big plans in the works.

His first photo was a shot of a mountainous landscape, a blue sky with stretched clouds across it, and a series of red clay buildings. Fans clamored to know where the location was, since he had just been spotted in New York City for Fashion Week. A few super sleuth fans recognized the area and deduced that it was, in fact, a photo of the Colombian countryside.

This was confirmed with West’s second Instagram post, a hand drawn sketch of what appears to be the mountainside from the first photo with the buildings drawn onto it from a crude bird’s eye view. West wrote the words, “Buildings Inside The Hills In Col[o]mbia,” which corroborated his location for fans.

Billboard reported that Tekashi and West were seen working together in the studio together over the weekend. Nicki Minaj revealed — during the most recent Queen Radio episode — that 6ix9ine called her while on a flight to Colombia, which has fueled further speculation that West has some tricks up his sleeve — and is likely working on some collaborations with this artist.

This was confirmed by Kanye’s subsequent Instagram posts, the rest of which were more sketches drawn by West. However, his focus shifted to portraits for the remainder of his posts. His portraits included Matt George — a Canadian streetwear designer that West has collaborated with on a collection before — and someone that West referred to as “69,” which most people identify as 6ix9ine. Further shared portraits included subjects such as Nico the cameraman, and a man labeled a “con” in Colombia.

None of West’s posts have any captions, driving the rapper’s fans wild with speculation on what could be next for the imaginative artist.