Rush Limbaugh Says ‘Doom And Gloom’ Forecasts Of Hurricane Florence Are Just A Ploy To Push Global Warming

Millions of Americans are preparing for the landfall of Hurricane Florence, predicted to be one of the strongest storms ever to hit the Carolinas, but Rush Limbaugh believes all the fuss is just a ploy to push the idea of global warming.

This week, the conservative radio show host said he believes that the hurricane coverage has been politicized by people with a motive of boosting climate change, Media Matters noted.

“This is, they tell us, one of the most powerful hurricanes this far north, ever. And, of course, why is that?” Limbaugh posed to listeners. “Well, that would be sea surface temperature. And why is that warmer than, there you go, climate change. It’s being accepted as a non-argumentative fact. I don’t care what meteorologist you watch or read, website or what have you. All of this seems to be acknowledged fact. So we’re keeping an eye on that.”

Forecasters have a very different view. They believe the danger posed by Hurricane Florence is very real, as the storm has the potential to stall over the Carolinas, dumping tremendous amounts of rain and causing potentially “catastrophic” flooding.

The National Hurricane Center declared that Florence is “expected to bring life-threatening storm surge and rainfall to portions of the Carolinas and Mid-Atlantic states.” This could mean up to 40 inches of rain on parts of South Carolina, the warning noted.

This is not the first time that Rush Limbaugh has used an impending hurricane to push his doubts about global warming to listeners. In 2016, he said that forecasts of destruction for Hurricane Matthew were meant to distract from the fact that the United States had gone nearly a year without a major hurricane and to push the idea of climate change, per a previous Inquisitr report. The hurricane at the time was forecast to be one of the strongest ever to hit Florida.

“Eleven straight years of no major hurricanes striking land in the United States, which just bores a hole right through the whole climate change argument,” Limbaugh said on his show.

The conservative radio host resurrected that argument the following year as Hurricane Irma approached, calling the storm’s coverage a “liberal conspiracy” by the media to boost ratings and “hype climate change,” the Washington Post reported.

But, according to the Inquisitr, Rush Limbaugh quickly changed his mind last year as the forecast for the hurricane put it through his sprawling Palm Beach mansion. He told viewers that he would be gone for several days as he evacuated the estate.

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