A Vancouver Clothing Store Had A Car Crash Into The Building, For The 10th Time

Over the last 27 years the building at the corner of Granville Street and 12th Avenue in Vancouver, Canada has had 10 vehicles crash into it. Andrea Molner, owner of Bacci’s, the designer clothing store inside the building, has petitioned the city numerous times for help, especially after the most recent collision.

Molner has been complaining about the intersection for a decade. When Molner asked if something could be done to protect the building, she was told private property did not fall within the purview of the city. Other corner businesses in the immediate area, two banks and another clothing store, have also been victim to vehicle crashes.

Molner blames the recurring accidents on the unsynchronized timing of a particular traffic light near the store and speeding drivers gunning to run red lights.

The majority of accidents occur when a vehicle traveling northbound on Granville and another going eastbound on 12th collide and then ricochet off one another and into one of the nearby structures.

“It’s an ongoing problem, with people running the light. If you drive down Granville when there is no traffic and get green at 41st, you will make every green light, but you won’t make 12th.”

Molner expressed concern for patrons and pedestrians that could be injured the next inevitable time a car rushes through the light and barrels into one of the buildings nearby.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) claims it has never been asked by the city to review the intersection for possible accident posing hazards.

[Image via Shutterstock]