Which ‘Big Brother’ Showmances Are Still Together?

Big Brother is known for its wild competitions, crazy situations, and larger-than-life romances. These on-screen romances are known as “showmances” in the Big Brother community and at least one pairing is bound to happen every season. Newsweek reported which showmances are still alive and well, even after the stress of reality competition.

So which summer loves are still together?

From Season 19, perhaps one of the most showmance-heavy seasons in the show’s 20-season history, a few dynamic duos have made it past the one-year mark.

Mark Jansen and Elena Davies celebrated their one-year anniversary a week ago.

Raven Walton and Matthew Clines (known as Matt during his time on the show) kept a pretty lowkey romance during taping but quickly committed to each other after their season.

Nicole Franzel (the winner of Season 19) and Victor Arroyo recently made big news as the newest engaged couple to come out of the franchise. Arroyo proposed recently on Season 20 to an unexpecting Franzel. They aren’t the only engaged pair from Season 19.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson got engaged in February of 2018 and are busy planning their wedding. Nickson has a daughter from a previous relationship who seems to get along great with Graf according to recent Instagram posts. Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson also went on to win The Amazing Race. They weren’t the first duo from Big Brother to compete, but they were the first to win the $1 million grand prize.

Rachel Reilly and Brenden Viellagas, also known as “Brenchel,” were the parents of the first-ever Big Brother baby. The couple competed on two back-to-back seasons (Seasons 12 and 13) together. Reilly went on to win Season 13 even after the emotional eviction of Viellagas.

Jordan Lloyd and Jeff Schroeder, also known as simply Jeff and Jordan, are also married. They recently welcomed their second child just days ago. The couple competed as returning houseguests with “Brenchel” on Season 13 and the two pairs quickly formed an alliance seeking a veteran win over a newbie. Julie Chen reportedly has a soft spot for this couple and often uses their pairing as an example of things that actually work out in the Big Brother house.

Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones from Season 13 may have been overshadowed by the veteran showmances during their season, but they seem to have found love now. The pair married in 2013 and it was announced that Donato was pregnant with their first child. She was due in August but no reports have been made regarding the birth.

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