Mike Pompeo Really Wants Everyone To Know He Has Swagger

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United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has joined Instagram, which isn’t all that unusual or surprising. What is unusual and surprising is what he’s doing with his account, and that it is bleeding over to his Twitter, and apparently to his official correspondence as well. For reasons no one can seem to put their finger on, or is willing to divulge, Pompeo has suddenly found it very important to tell the world he has swagger. Amidst high level negotiations with Pakistan, India, and multitudes of crises around the globe, he is posting memes featuring himself and using language usually reserved for frat boys on State Department releases.

If Pompeo was looking to get attention, he got it in a hurry. According to BuzzFeed News, Pompeo is using #swagger in every imaginable way possible. He has used it in conjunction with pictures of Shakespeare and Gen. George S. Patton, as well as photos of himself fist-bumping people and standing around trying to look cool in an almost James Bond type of way.

The reaction to all of this on the internet so far has not been overwhelmingly positive.

There are thoughts that Pompeo is trying to look cool, and make people think that he is very hip and with it. What a lot of the response has been is that he is being way too thirsty to be seen as cool. People have wondered why he isn’t spending more of his time and resources doing his job instead of trying to create a new image for himself on social media. Another thing people have seen as odd is that State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert has been dedicating a load of her resources to promoting these “swagger posts” on Twitter to the point that it is almost becoming a running joke.

The other thing that has people scratching their heads is this letter he signed off with as “Keep on crushing it, Mike,” with a signature that looks like “Mikey Pompeo.” To say the least, it is unusual and, so far as anyone knows, unheard of for a secretary of state to sign off official correspondence so casually. Whether or not this is something Pompeo plans to keep doing is unknown, but it certainly doesn’t look very professional, and it quite possibly isn’t putting the best foot of that office forward to the Observer, who is having a field day over the secretary’s social media shenanigans.