Larry Nassar Raped And Impregnated Athlete While MSU Covered It Up, Lawsuit Claims

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Former Michigan State University and Olympic gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar may be facing even more time in court after a federal lawsuit filed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, revealed even more shocking revelations against him and the university.

According to the Lansing State Journal, who obtained the lawsuit, Nassar drugged, raped, and impregnated Michigan State field hockey player Erika Davis in 1992 and the administration’s then-athletic director George Perles actively covered it up.

According to the lawsuit, Davis says shes told her coach Martha Ludwig about the assault and knew that it had been videotaped, leading Ludwig to push for a copy of the footage.

George Perles, a current trustee at the university and athletic director until 1992, stepped in and made sure snuff out any chance of the claim getting investigated further, the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit also claims MSU campus police largely ignored Davis when she reported the incident in October 1992.

“The police told them that since she was an athlete, she had to report it to the athletic department,” the lawsuit claims. “The detective explicitly told them that he was powerless to investigate anything that takes place [in] the athletic department and to go to the athletic department. Plaintiff Erika explained that the athletic department already dismissed it and the sergeant responded that George Perles is a ‘powerful man,’ and she should just drop it.”

The suit names the university, their board of trustees, USA gymnastics and Nassar, claiming the disgraced doctor impregnated Davis and was the only person possible to be the father.

The suit alleges Davis later suffered a miscarriage.

According to the lawsuit, Davis was later stripped of her field hockey scholarship in further efforts to silence her and hide Nassar’s misdeeds.

“Defendant Michigan State University could have stopped Defendant Nassar’s conduct back in 1992, but did not,” the lawsuit claims.

Michigan State University’s current police chief, Jim Dunlap, flatly denied the idea the police department would have worked to bury allegations.

“It just doesn’t happen,” Dunlap told the Lansing State Journal. “We just don’t do things that way.”

Nassar, who was convicted of 40-175 years in prison for seven counts of criminal sexual conduct, in addition to two other convictions for criminal sexual conduct and child pornography, has been covered extensively by the Inquisitr.

Attorneys for both Perles and Davis did not immediately return messages seeking comment on the lawsuit and resulting allegations, the Lansing State Journal reports.