‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Spoilers: Meredith Is Hooking Up With DeLuca

Bob D’AmicoABC

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 spoilers are beginning to leak, and it seems that Meredith Grey might have a hot new romance when the show premieres later this month.

According to a Sept. 10 report by Hollywood Life, the brand new Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 trailer has dropped, and it reveals that Meredith will be hooking up with the hunky Dr. Andrew DeLuca, or at least she’ll be fantasizing about it.

The trailer reminds fans that the show has been through 15 seasons of “feels,” and reveals the two new handsome doctors that are now employed by Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. These new physicians include actor Chris Carmack (The O.C., Nashville) as the hospital’s new “ortho god,” and newcomer Alex Landi, as the show’s first gay male surgeon — according to the Inquisitr.

The Grey’s Anatomy trailer also promises “juicy drama,” while revealing that Owen and Amelia seem to be getting along great — especially since she’s helping him take care of his foster child — but also letting viewers know that Teddy is back in Seattle, and that she is 11 weeks pregnant with Owen’s baby.

As for Meredith’s steamy hook up with DeLuca, the trailer calls the moment “one jaw dropping twist,” as DeLuca is seen making eyes at Meredith at the hospital. Later, a scene showing the two kissing and rolling around in bed together is revealed in brief flashes.

As many Grey’s Anatomy fans know, Meredith has not had an easy life. She worked hard to live up to her brilliant mother’s name, fell in love with a married man — Dr. Derek Shepherd — and later married him. After years with of marriage, the union bearing two children, Shepherd was taken from her in a shocking car accident. Shockingly, in the aftermath of the event, she found out that she was again pregnant with his child.

Meredith is now the single mother of three children, a world famous surgeon after winning the coveted Harper Avery Award, and the glue that holds her family together. Her complicated family also includes a half-sister, Maggie — who she didn’t know about until recently — in addition to her sister-in-law, Amelia, who often is self destructive, dramatic, and difficult.

Together, the three women raise Meredith’s children and save lives on a daily basis. They also live together, so if Meredith were to start bringing DeLuca around for a series of sexy hook ups, her sisters — including Maggie, who used to date DeLuca — would certainly find out about it.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 begins airing Sept. 27 on ABC.