‘DWTS’ Pro Peta Murgatroyd Opens Up About Being Mom-Shamed After Gaining 8-Pounds

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Dancing with the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd opened up about being “mommy shamed” in a new interview, where she admitted that she was called out for being “too skinny” despite gaining eight pounds. Speaking to People about her life as a mom, the star clapped back at her haters as she admitted that she feels as though she “can’t win.”

“Mommy shaming is huge today. The other day, on Instagram, [commenters] were saying I looked too skinny, but I’ve actually put on 8 lbs.,” Murgatroyd told the outlet of being slammed for her body.

“You’re too skinny or you’re too fat. You can’t win,” the star — who gave birth to her first child with husband and fellow DWTS pro dancer Maksim Chmerkovskiy in January 2017 — then added.

Peta then confessed that she does still read the comments that trolls and fans alike post on her Instagram page, but admitted that she tries not to let the negative remarks get to her.

“I read [the comments], but it doesn’t really affect me anymore because I know that I’m a very hands-on mom,” Murgatroyd said of the critics who have called her out on social media, adding that she knows she’s a great mom to 1-year-old Shai. “I know that I’m always there for him and it was five hours out of my day that I didn’t see him,” she confessed.


The star touched on her decision to head back to Dancing with the Stars mere weeks after giving birth to Shai last year, confessing that she felt “guilty” for heading back to work so soon after becoming a mom for the first time.

“I did have some guilty moments when I missed him,” Murgatroyd told the site, “but I also knew that if I didn’t get out of the house I probably would’ve gone a little crazy — [parenting]’s 24/7.”

Murgatroyd also opened up about the possibility of having another child with Maksim, admitting that she and her fellow professional dancer are hoping to welcome their second baby into the world in the not too distant future.

The star confessed that she doesn’t want to “leave it too late” to give her son a sibling.

“I don’t know when that’s gonna happen with our schedules,” Peta said, but teased that she and Chmerkovskiy are looking to become parents again “probably in six months’ time.”

As Inquisitr reported last month, Peta previously teased the possibility of the family of three expanding to become a family of four in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

DWTS's' Peta Murgatroyd Opens Up About Being Mom-Shamed After Gaining 8-Pounds
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She revealed that she’d “always wanted to have a big family” and also told the site that she thinks another six month wait before becoming pregnant again would be a “healthy” amount of time for her and Maksim.

Peta and her husband often show off their adorable 1-year-old baby boy on their respective social media pages.

As Inquisitr shared at the time, Murgatroyd recently shared a snap of herself getting ready for an event with her son by her side, who she sweetly referred to as being her “favorite little human” as he smiled for the camera.