‘Counting On’ Preview: The Duggar Girls Find Out If Their Guys Are Naughty Or Nice

It’s date night on Monday night’s episode of TLC’s Counting On, but it has a different twist to it. The young Duggar couples are having what they call thrift shop date night. Yes, it’s exactly what you may think it is. They have to wear clothes that their significant others bought for them at a thrift shop. It may seem a little strange for most people, but this is a fun thing for the Duggar family.

In a preview clip posted on the Counting OnFacebook page, the girls are seen carrying in huge bags stuffed full of clothes for the guys. Kendra, in her giggles and all, asks husband Joe Duggar if he was naughty or nice. He responds by saying he was very nice. They may have other things on their minds, but for the show they are talking about whether the clothing items are normal enough to wear out or if they are too crazy and awkward for going out in public.

Josiah and Lauren were not married yet at the time of the filming, so side hugs it is. Lauren mentioned that she wanted to play a prank on her fiance just as he pranks her, and everyone else, quite often. She got him a pair of pajama bottoms and what looks like a hospital robe. He thought it was quite funny, but he may have been a little nervous about heading out the door in that outfit.

Luckily, his lady love bought two outfits, so he was off the hook. Jessa chose an old man’s outfit for Ben. It came complete with a grey cardigan sweater and a walking cane as well. Joe got off pretty easy, but he did look a little on the preppy side in his yellow vest.

The clip only showed what the girls picked out for the guys. The Duggar boys may just have more fashion sense than their women, or maybe just a little less humor than they have. It’s all supposed to be for fun. You will have to wait to see what lovely clothes Joe, Josiah, and Ben have in store for Kendra, Lauren, and Jessa. It will most likely be a lot more presentable as they may have some fear that the girls will be upset with them if they aren’t so nice.

Who knew the Duggar girls could be so naughty? Be sure to catch the next episode of TLC’s Counting On airing on Monday night at 9 p.m. ET.

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