‘NYT’ Published Anonymous Op-Ed Because Trump-Russia Narrative Is ‘Falling Apart,’ Lindsey Graham Says

Republican U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, said Sunday that the New York Times published the anonymous “resistance” op-ed because the Trump-Russia narrative is “falling apart,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Not only is the Trump-Russia narrative falling apart, according to Senator Graham, but Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference is as well. This is why, Graham argued, the New York Times – which is “the choir director for the left” – published the piece in the first place.

“Why this op-ed piece now? The New York Times is the choir director for the Left. They set the agenda for the left and mainstream media. They chose this piece to start a narrative that Trump is crazy I think because the Russia probe is falling apart. The idea that Trump colluded with Russia is falling apart before our eyes.”

The New York Times piece has been occupying the headlines of the U.S., and international media for days. In it, the anonymous author accuses Donald Trump of being an impulsive, unpredictable incompetent leader, alleging that there exists a resistance movement within the administration; a movement with the end goal of combating and undermining Trump, and directing White House policy from the shadows.

As CNN reported, citing West Wing sources familiar with the matter, President Donald Trump has narrowed down the search for the anonymous author. The President is reportedly obsessed with finding out who the author is, and he has also called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to launch a probe into the New York Times, and investigate the author of the piece.

According to Politico, Senator Rand Paul raised the prospect of subjecting members of the Trump White House with security clearances to a polygraph examination. But, as Politico noted, that would set a dangerous precedent. Furthermore, considering the fact that the polygraph is, in fact, not a lie detector test, subjecting White House staff to it would be fruitless.

“No matter how much Hollywood might try to convince you otherwise, the polygraph is not a mechanized version of truth serum,” Politico concluded.

But, as Metro reported earlier today, some would be willing to take the polygraph. Vice President Mike Pence said that he would subject himself to a polygraph examination “in a heartbeat,” and also added that members of the Trump administration – contrary to the claims made in the anonymous New York Times op-ed – never considered invoking the 25th amendment.

According to CNN, Senator Lindsey Graham – who used to be one of Trump’s most prominent Republican critics, but is now an ally – also said today that President Trump is feeling “betrayed,” but added that he doesn’t “blame” him.