Meghan Markle Will Have A Baby Soon, Say Psychic Twins Who Claim Diana Spoke To Them From Beyond The Grave

Meghan Markle will be “blessed with” a baby “soon,” according to psychic twins who have been dubbed “Nostradamus in Stilettos.”

Looking for signs of pregnancy in a celebrity woman of child-bearing age has become something of a cottage industry these days, as internet users pour over every pixel of every photo or video of them looking for indications that she’s pregnant. Perhaps her garment laid across her abdomen in such a way that suggests she’s concealing a baby bump. Perhaps she ordered water or tea instead of beer at lunch. Or perhaps she said something that sort-of obliquely hinted broadly that there might be a bun in the oven.

But in the case of Meghan Markle, twins Terry and Linda Jamison are getting their information straight from the source, and here “the source” refers to the voice of Meghan’s mother-in-law, Princess Diana, from beyond the grave.

As The Sun reports, the psychic twins says that Princess Diana, who has been dead for 21 years, told them that Meghan is going to have a baby “soon.”

“I feel [they] will be blessed with a child before long. Family is so very important. [Their] children will be close with Will and Kate’s little ones.”

The twins’ process looks like this: they say that ghosts “possess” their bodies and then use their hands to write messages. They claim it’s worked before: they successfully prophesied when Prince William and Princess Kate would start their own family, they claim. They also claim that Princess Diana was present at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and that her ghost occupied an empty seat at the chapel that day. Further, as The Daily Star reports, the psychic twins predicted that Diana would make herself known to her former family in the form of a butterfly. Sure enough, a fly did indeed land on Meghan’s face as she stood at the altar.

The Jamison twins aren’t the only “psychics” to predict babies in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s futures. As the Inquisitr reported back in July, mystic shamaness Kerry King consulted the Tarot cards, and they, too, told her that Meghan would be in a family way before much longer.

Specifically, she predicted that Meghan would be preggers by the end of this year and that there would be a baby this summer.

Meanwhile, also as reported by the Inquisitr, internet sleuths are looking at Meghan and Harry’s recent adoption of a dog, and a rumored visit by Meghan’s mother, as evidence that Meghan and Harry are getting ready to have kids.