Gigi Hadid Could Be The New Heidi Klum On ‘Project Runway,’ Per ‘Hollywood Life’

Dominik Bindl / StringerGetty Images

Project Runway fans were shocked to hear that Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are leaving the show after 16 long seasons. Heidi was the face of the show as the host and one of the judges, while Tim became a much-loved mentor to all of the contestants that competed on Runway. While some fans were heartbroken and didn’t see a point to the show any longer, others are already trying to guess who could potentially fill Heidi’s shoes. And according to Hollywood Life, that someone could be Gigi Hadid.

A source described how the models at New York Fashion Week were all gossiping about the big news, while Gigi’s name is being “thrown around” a lot when discussing a new host for the show. This is what they had to say.

“Everyone is excited about the opening and rumors are flying about who will step in and host next. One of the biggest names being thrown around is Gigi Hadid, she’s someone that has the confidence and on-air presence to really do the job justice. And just like Heidi, she’s a supermodel with a huge following.”

Gigi would also add a super young perspective to the show. She’s only 23-years-old, while Heidi is 45-years-old.

The source also added the following, making a good point that Gigi also has an interest in not just modeling, but also in design.

“Plus she’s got a real passion for designing, she fell in love with it when she designed her collection for Tommy Hilfiger, so she’d really be a perfect fit in every way to take over from Heidi.”

Gigi has collaborated with Tommy Hilfiger several times, including for the spring 2018 collection, detailed Vogue. That collection featured racing stripe prints, speed logos, and badges. Gigi described how she was inspired by motorsports, which was one of the main inspirations. She also said that one of her favorite pieces were the windbreaker jackets, and it’s not hard to see why. They featured fun logos, colors, and stripes that gave them an edgy, sporty look. Another cool piece included a crop-top red sweater with several logos, including one that said “GH,” which stood for her initials.

And while the future of Heidi’s spot on Project Runway is still completely unknown to the general public, it’ll be interesting to find out what happens. Also, if the show is planning on keeping a similar format, they’ll need to find a new mentor to replace Tim Gunn.