Freddie Oversteegen, Who As Teenager Lured Nazis Into A Forest To Make Out Then Had Them Killed, Dies At 92

Tracey Johnson

Freddie Oversteegen, a true World War II hero, passed away on September 5, one day short of her 93rd birthday, reports the IJmuider Courant. Oversteegen was part of the Dutch Resistance and lured Nazis into the woods under false pretenses. The men thought that they had struck it lucky and that they would soon be making out with the lovely Oversteegen, only to embrace the cold touch of death when she shot them.

"A man wearing a hat came to the door and asked my mother if he could ask us [to join the Resistance]."
"Only later did he tell us what we'd actually have to do: sabotage bridges and railway lines. We told him we'd like to do that … and learn to shoot Nazis."

"They apologized, turned around, and walked away. And then shots were fired, so that man never knew what hit him.
"Yes, I too shot them. And what am I but a person? You want to pick them up."

After Hannie's death and the end of the war, she shot to fame with 15 streets being named after the war heroine. She was also reburied with honors, while the Oversteegen sisters never received the same kind of acclaim. It was only in 2014 that she and her sister received the Mobilization War Cross from Prime Minister Rutte. According to their cousin Matin Menger, Freddie was very honored to receive the award.

Freddie didn't seek the limelight after the war. She got married, had three children, and is described as "a happy aunt who was crazy about her family."

"She built a beautiful life with her husband."