WWE News: Drew McIntyre Calls Out Those In WWE Locker Room Who ‘Aren’t Fulfilling Their Potential’


Drew McIntyre knows what it is like to have been the “Chosen One” in WWE, but later have that stripped away and given his outright release. After venturing the world and wrestling in a number of other promotions, he is back in WWE after a successful run in NXT and he just became the Raw Tag Team Champions with Dolph Ziggler. As a champion and vested veteran, McIntyre is now calling out those who aren’t giving all they’ve got.

In 2014, McIntyre was released from WWE and eventually ended up with Impact Wrestling for a rather successful run. After some time passed, he ended up in NXT and after his call-up to WWE’s main roster, he’s become one of the top superstars on Monday Night Raw.

During his time in NXT, he made his way through all of the competition presented to him and even became NXT Champion. After an injury took him out of action for a while, McIntyre ended up on Raw and he’s a force that is becoming stronger each and every week.

Seeing as how this is his second run with WWE, AL.com asked Drew McIntyre if anything was different this time around. They wanted his opinion on a number of topics, and the tag champion wasn’t holding anything back.

wwe news drew mcintyre calls out locker room nxt
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The site asked McIntyre specifically about the culture in WWE and how it is different from his first time with the company.

“Things have changed in a lot of ways. It’s the guys who have come up through the system, mostly NXT, who are leading the force now. That’s a big difference. Everything keeps growing. The big thing for me is that I’ve grown as a person, matured and returned to make a difference. What I do notice backstage is as good a roster as we have — we have the best roster in the world, men and women — but we do have a few people that perhaps aren’t fulfilling their potential.”

It was only about three years between his first and second run in WWE, but obviously, things have changed drastically in the company. McIntyre is of the belief that the old-school guys aren’t leading the way any longer and that it is the crop of NXT talent who are on top.

The interesting thing is that he had no problem saying there are some superstars out there who aren’t living up to what they can do, and he knows it.

“I know this because that’s who I was during my first run with the company. And I can see it when I look around. It reminds me of myself when I didn’t realize the opportunity I had, that I was part of WWE, that this was the number one show, and I had to give it my all in and out of the ring in every possible situation, and I wasn’t. And I see that now that I’m back, and I’m trying to tell people in interviews like this. I’m trying to give the answers to everybody, and if you don’t take the answers to the question, perhaps it’s time for people to go away like I did and find themselves.”

Not every single superstar signed by WWE ends up going through the NXT system, but the majority do. The thing is, there are many men and women on the main roster who never had the chance to go through NXT and McIntyre believes they are complacent and just believe their spot is safe.

According to the former NXT Champion, if anyone doesn’t want to live up to their potential, he is sure that “there are people in NXT waiting to take their spots.”

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While he’s not specifically naming any names, Cageside Seats believes it is time that the Raw superstar let the world know who he is talking about.

Drew McIntyre has surely proven himself and he believes that going through NXT before returning to WWE’s main roster has truly helped him. As a matter of fact, he thinks that NXT helps anyone who ends up spending time in it, and those superstars are ready to step into the main roster spotlight. If there is anyone not pulling their weight or performing to their full potential, McIntyre may have a few ideas for who can replace them.