Apple Suddenly Scraps iPhone XS Plus, New Phone Is Called iPhone XS Max

Scott OlsonGetty Images

With just a few days left until its product release event on September 12, Apple has made a sudden change. As previously reported in the Inquisitr, rumors have swirled online for months about Apple’s new products. Last week, Apple sent out media invitations to its upcoming event in Cupertino, California. Tech analysts have speculated about everything from hidden meanings in the invitation’s design, to the specs of the soon-to-be-released gadgets, which include three new iPhones and the new Apple Watch Series 4.

Leaked photos, accidentally released by Apple on a public server when the invitations were sent out, revealed images of two of the new phones, and of the Apple Watch Series 4. The phones were identified as the iPhone XS, and reportedly the iPhone XS Plus. The new phones featured a new gold finish, and the leaked photos confirmed rumors that two new size options were in the works.

BGR reports that in a sudden new move, Apple is renaming the rumored iPhone XS Plus, taking their branding in a different direction. The new phone is instead named the iPhone XS Max. This new name applies to the upcoming 6.5-inch OLED phone. Analysts are now wondering if the name change signals changes in the phone’s specs of features that are yet to be revealed.

Website 9to5Mac reports that the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are expected to have 4GB of RAM and faster processing speeds thanks to the new A12 chip. The Inquisitr previously reported that Apple is racing against Chinese company Huawei to be the first company to release smartphones with new 7-nanometer chip technology. The iPhone XS Max will also have a dual SIM option in some markets.

TechRadar reports that there are several prevailing rumors about the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone 9 in the lead up to the September 12 event. Prices are expected to be around $1,000 for the new iPhone XS, $1,199 for the iPhone XS Max, and as low as $699 for the iPhone 9.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be offered in the rumored new gold color, as well as in black and white, while the iPhone 9 will come in white, black, red, blue and orange colors.

In terms of size, the iPhone XS is expected to be the same size as the iPhone X, while the iPhone XS Max may be the same size or smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus. However, camera improvements may result in the new phones being thicker than current models.