Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off Her 5-Minute Makeup Tutorial For Vogue

Emily Ratajkowski teamed up with Vogue (and videographer Rebecca Forteau) this week to record and release a quick and easy five-minute makeup tutorial. Ratajkowski definitely knows her way around an eyeshadow palette as she is a veteran model and one to look for at New York Fashion Week in the coming days. The model has also been known to ditch her signature glammed-up look in favor of frolicking bare-faced around some of the world's most beautiful beaches (after all, she does have her own swimwear line).

In the video, Ratajkowski uses her fingers to blender her foundation which is almost always a beauty guru "no-no." However, Ratajkowski defended her choice by saying that her fingers allow her to blend her makeup much more "seamlessly." Apparently, her husband (whom she married in a secret courthouse wedding earlier this year) adorably calls it "finger-painting."

Ratajkowski runs a coat of clear mascara through her thick brows to brush them up. "There's nothing sadder than an eyebrow when it's smushed down," the model quips about her favorite feathered eye-brow look. Ratajkowski reveals in her tutorial that she is a huge fan of blush as she swirls the pink pigment across her sculpted cheeks.

The look becomes a bit more date-night as the model sweeps on a coat of taupe and terra-cotta eyeshadow. She completes her eyes with a coat of black mascara. For the lips, nude and sultry seem to be the move as Ratajkowski expertly applies a rich lip color. To top off her selfie signature pout, she applies a shimmery gloss to complete the entire look.

The video looks like it was filmed in a bathroom, the gold and warm tones of which match Ratajkowski's complexion and accessories perfectly. The filming location credits the InterContinental New York Barclay. The model wears gold hoop earrings as well as a gold watch. Of course, it's easy to spot her wedding ring as she waves her hands around as she talks.

Ratajkowski has always been into makeup, she says during the video, but only recently started honing her skills about three years ago. On the subject of makeup artists (as the model has undoubtedly met hundreds through her countless shoots), the model had this to say,
"As much I really love makeup artists and respect them so much, I do think there's something to be said for knowing your own face."
The entire look takes Ratajkowski about five minutes and she claims it "looks good on everyone!"