President Trump Says He’s Never Called Anybody ‘Retarded,’ Video And Audio Clips Emerge That Prove Him Wrong

President Donald Trump is facing new allegations and fresh chaos in the midst of the upcoming release of Bob Woodward’s new book titled Fear: Trump in the White House. One excerpt that is generating a lot of buzz is related to the president reportedly calling Attorney General Jeff Sessions “mentally retarded,” and Trump has said he’s never used that word. Now, however, multiple clips are emerging that reveal that claim to be inaccurate.

As the Inquisitr has shared, one claim from Woodward in Fear that is causing waves is related to President Donald Trump referring to Jeff Sessions as a “dumb Southerner” and “mentally retarded.” Trump said via Twitter that he never said those things about Sessions, and never has called anybody “retarded.”

Now, the Washington Post reports that video and audio clips of prior interviews with Trump have emerged revealing that he has repeatedly used the word “retarded” before. One video that has surfaced is from a 2004 appearance on The Howard Stern Show where Trump was talking about an unnamed golf professional. In the clip, he clearly started to say “mentally retarded,” but cut himself off mid-phrase to instead say the guy was not very smart.

An audio clip from another 2004 appearance on Stern’s show reveals that Trump used the word retarded in reference to a reporter who was critical of a business deal Trump had made. In this clip, the wording was clear and there was no backtracking like in the other video.

For some time now, there have been allegations that Trump used the word at various points during his time on NBC’s The Apprentice. As Huffington Post shared, Tom Arnold said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that Trump called his son Eric the “R-word” in outtakes that he’s seen.

The Daily Beast has also reported that three sources have previously detailed that the president used the word multiple times in reference to former Apprentice contestant Marlee Matlin, who is deaf. Trump is alleged to have insulted and demeaned the actress several times behind her back, but also right in front of her.

The infamous Apprentice tapes have never emerged to prove the claims regarding Trump’s alleged usage of racial slurs, the word “retarded,” or other inflammatory phrases. However, these newly-surfaced Stern clips show that at the very least, President Donald Trump’s insistence that he has never used the wording in reference to anybody is inaccurate.

In the midst of these fresh allegations, another Daily Beast report reveals that they’ve spoken to two sources who detail that they personally have heard Trump refer to Sessions as “retarded,” “a retard,” personally annoying, and mentally deficient. The outlet also noted that several years ago, Trump tweet-quoted someone else who had utilized the word in their post.

President Donald Trump often refers to reports he doesn’t like as “fake news” or claims that quotes attributed to him are doctored or otherwise manipulated. In this case, the evidence does seem to be piling up showing that the president isn’t as opposed to the usage of the word “retarded” as he claimed in his recent tweet.