Kiera Bergman, Missing Arizona Teenager, Found Dead

After having not been seen for a month, police announced they found the body of 19-year-old Kiera Bergman KTAR News reports.

Having last been seen leaving her house in Phoenix August 4, Bergman’s body was found in Buckeye, Arizona 41.5 miles away along State Route 85 on Monday by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department. Neither the Maricopa County Sheriff’s department nor the Phoenix Police Department, which is leading the homicide investigation, has released a cause of death and the Phoenix P.D. stated on Wednesday there had been no arrests in connection with the crime.

Bergman’s ex-boyfriend, Jon Clark, has been arrested for a different crime, 22 counts of identity theft and two counts of forgery after police found identification documents for other people in his car. While the police have not officially named Clark as a suspect, that arrest came about due to the 23-year-old being questioned in relation to Bergman’s disappearance, but the police have not said anything publicly about Clark being connected to the Bergman murder.

“There is a suspect out there but we don’t have anyone to name or charge at this time,” said Sergeant Vince Lewis of the Phoenix Police Department. “We don’t believe this was a suicide, there will be an autopsy performed by the medical examiner.”

Clark has been frustrated with the investigation, reports KVOA, being frustrated at being investigated as a suspect in the disappearance.

“They treated me like a suspect from the jump… if the police even had a shred of evidence to say I had anything to do with this, they would not have let me go,” said Clark.

Bergman’s disappearance followed an argument between herself and Clark, reports AZ Central, after he picked her up from work early when she was upset, the two texted throughout the day, with the last message from Clark reportedly coming at 4:08 p.m. asking where she was. One of Bregman’s co-workers, Destiny Hall-Chand, said that she also exchanged texts on the day in question and mentioned that Bregman said she had been picked up by an unknown individual whose identity has not been revealed.

The Phoenix police labeled the disappearance as suspicious from the moment it was reported, describing it as “unique” and immediately launching an investigation which quickly garnered Clark for an interview.

The family response has been one of devastation, with Bergman’s mother, Kiersten Bragg receiving the unfortunate phone call on Wednesday afternoon.

“She pretty much couldn’t talk, she just told me to come home,” said Bergman’s father, Chris Bragg. “Right now we’re just waiting for them to release the body… once they release her we will pick her up and bring her home.”