Kim Kardashian Hires Model With Her Exact Measurements To Try On Her Clothes

Michael Kovac Getty Images

Kim Kardashian takes some interesting steps to make sure that she has the latest fashions and that they will look good on her body type.

According to a Sept. 6 report by People Magazine, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently revealed that that she has hired a model who has her exact measurements to try on clothes for her, photograph herself in the latest fashions, and also do fittings for hours every single day for all of Kim’s Yeezy looks.

“There are fit models — we have gotten people who have my exact same measurements — and they try on all the clothes, photograph it, do the fittings for hours every day of all the different Yeezy looks,” Kim Kardashian stated.

Kardashian went on to reveal that she previously had her entire closet sent to her husband Kanye West’s office in order to have all of the fit models try on her clothes and put different looks together for her, adding that she was “so nervous” about sending all of her clothes out of her home and hired “full time security.”

Kim Kardashian claims that the entire process is simple, and makes her life much easier when it comes to choosing outfits. “There were all these stylists using my clothes, taking pictures and then sending it to me and then whatever I like I’ll try it on and make sure it looks good on me. They make my life so easy!”

Kim then revealed that she knows it seems like a scene straight out of the 1990s cult classic, Clueless, where Alicia Silverstone’s character, Cher Horowitz, mixes and matches her outfits by using Polaroids and computer software. “It’s a modern version of Clueless,” Kardashian said.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kim Kardashian recently admitted that her husband, Kanye West, is her number one fashion influence. The mother of three says that Kanye makes her life “so easy,” and that she loves to wear all of the samples from her husband’s Yeezy clothing line.

“I literally just wear all of the Yeezy samples. They have a team of stylists and they put it all together. I’m totally inspired by Kanye and the Yeezy team — and listen to the advice of everyone over there who is making all the clothes.”

Kim Kardashian has become a style icon over the years, and fans could make a case for the beginning of Kim’s fashionista start being when she met Kanye West, who redid her entire closet for her and set her up with some brand new looks years ago while they were still dating.