Police Raid Home Of Couple Who Lost $400K In GoFundMe Cash Raised For Homeless Veteran

Police have raided the home of a New Jersey couple accused of spending more than $400,000 that kind-hearted strangers had raised to help a homeless veteran.

Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure gained viral fame when they started a fundraiser to pay back Johnny Bobbitt, a homeless man who gave $20 to Kate when her car ran out of gas. They took to GoFundMe, raising $400,000 from strangers touched by the man’s story, and pledged to put the money into a trust for the man. But as Fox News reported, the money has since disappeared and the couple is alleged to have spent it.

On Thursday, police in New Jersey raided the couple’s home, and a new BMW was towed away from the property.

The couple is scheduled to show up to court next week for a lawsuit filed by the homeless man, but police said Thursday’s raid was connected to a criminal investigation.

“As of this time, there have been no charges filed,” Burlington County Prosecutor Scott A. Coffina said in a statement on Thursday.

The couple reportedly gave the man $75,000 and promised to buy him a home, but the relationship deteriorated and he ended up with a camper on a piece of property owned by the couple.

A judge ordered the couple to wire remaining money into a trust set up for Bobbitt, and the judge will determine how the money will be managed.

Earlier this week, a lawyer representing Johnny Bobbitt said that all of the money raised through the page was gone. Attorney Chris Fallon told The Associated Press that he learned the money was gone while speaking with the lawyer representing the couple.

“Shocked. Shocked,” Fallon said. “They raised this money to help Johnny Bobbitt get money for food.”

The couple denies that they spent the money, saying they were wary of giving the money to the homeless man for fear he would use it on drugs.

A spokesman for GoFundMe said the site is also working with police in New Jersey to make sure the homeless man receives all the money raised for him.

“While we assist law enforcement with their ongoing investigation, GoFundMe is also working with Johnny’s legal team to ensure he’s receiving support while the remaining funds are being recovered,” Bobby Whithorne said in a statement.

While the police investigation plays out, GoFundMe has set aside $20,000 in an account to help the homeless man, Whithorne added.