Bethenny Frankel’s Late Boyfriend Dennis Shields Helped LuAnn De Lesseps With Her Lawsuit Before His Death

Charles SykesBravo

Bethenny Frankel’s late boyfriend, Dennis Shields, attempted to help LuAnn de Lesseps navigate through a lawsuit filed against her by her kids and former husband, Count Alexandre de Lesseps, prior to his untimely death last month.

“I connected her with Dennis so we could help her with her legal situation because it got a little more complicated,” Frankel explained during the Real Housewives of New York City Season 10 reunion, according to a report from All About the Real Housewives on September 4.

Frankel and her co-stars united in July to film the Season 10 reunion special. At the time, the lawsuit against de Lesseps had just been filed, prompting the reality star to enter into a treatment program for the second time this year. As All About the Real Housewives explained, de Lesseps’ kids and former husband filed a lawsuit against her, claiming she breached a contract made during her divorce from The Count.

In their lawsuit against de Lesseps, The Count, their son Noel, and their daughter Victoria, alleged that de Lesseps failed to establish a trust fund for the children which would entitle them to a percentage of the profit made upon the sale of their Sag Harbor home.

According to the report, the lawsuit against de Lesseps sent her back to rehab just days before The Real Housewives of New York City reunion special was filmed.

“I think the recent situation with her family certainly didn’t help the matter. She’s very clear that the catalyst of this lawsuit was not the best thing for her. There’s a lot going on that’s all a part of it,” Frankel explained of de Lesseps’ latest stint in rehab.

“It all got so much larger than life and so much intensity at the same time and it needs to be leveled. She has a journey to go on. She really wants to be loved. She’s so big so you think she’s so tough. But she’s really like a big baby. I feel for her. It’s sad.”

Bethenny Frankel’s former boyfriend, Dennis Shields, was dating the reality star at the time he died of an alleged drug overdose on August 10. Shortly thereafter, Frankel confirmed she and Shields were exclusive when he died and shared the photo above of Shields and her late dog, Cookie.

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