Tamra Judge Shares Pre-Op Photo Of Husband Eddie Judge To Instagram

Valerie MaconGetty Images

Real Housewives of the OC star, Tamra Judge, shared a vulnerable but optimistic photo of her husband, Eddie Judge, to Instagram as he prepared to go in for surgery. In the photo, though dressed in a hospital gown and tucked into bed, her husband grins, a Spartan headband around his head, and a fist upraised to show his fighting spirit.

The Judges have been very open about their relationship with viewers and fans, from their courtship to their wedding, and they have been no different about Eddie’s health hardships. Tamra has been posting updates on various social media accounts about Eddie’s health as he has undergone several procedures over the last year. The current season of the Real Housewives of the OC began with Eddie undergoing his first heart ablation, and Tamra being wracked with nerves over the procedure as well as his subsequent health.

“I just keep thinking about the mortality rate,” Tamra said in the Season 13 premiere, “I’m scared for my husband.”

In the opening of Season 13 Eddie was undergoing his first heart ablation. After today’s procedure, he will have undergone three ablations in the last year. He has also undergone at least three cardioversions. Eddie suffers from AFib, which is short for atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat, also known as an arrythmia. It is where the upper chambers of the heart do not beat as regularly as they should and so move blood around with less speed. It is particularly dangerous because if a blood clot lodges in an artery connected to the brain, a stroke will result.

Eddie has always been a huge fitness fanatic, throwing back to the Spartan bandana he wore in the latest Instagram post and has been the lead trainer at Cut Fitness, the gym that the Judges own and run together. Because of the atrial fibrillation, he has had to stop exercising and working out for the most part, something that has been incredibly difficult for him to do.

“… his health issue is followed very closely throughout the season and it is on the first episode,” an insider told Radar Online. “Cameras are also there with him at hospital and this is what Eddie wanted. Everyone is praying for the best and he is believed to still be in recovery.”

According to Health.Org, more than 2.7 million suffer from atrial fibrillation, so Eddie’s public health journey is something many Americans can relate to and also helps to bring awareness to this health issue.