New Trailer For ‘Halloween’ Brings The Full-On Calm Intensity Of Michael Myers [Video]

A couple of months ago, Blumhouse released the first trailer for the new Halloween movie that is hitting theaters next month, and it looked quite amazing. Now, there is only a little over a month until it is released on October 19, 2018, and a second trailer was put out there on Wednesday for the fans to enjoy. If you’re a horror fan and someone who loves Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode taking on Michael Myers, then, this one is for you.

Halloween may not have a “2” in its title, but it is indeed a sequel to the 1978 classic of the same name from John Carpenter. For those who are fans of the franchise, you will want to forget the majority of what you know because almost all of it ceases to exist in this movie.

As revealed by Inquisitr earlier this summer, Halloween 2018 falls into second after the original film as far as the sequence of movies goes. The actions in the movie take place 40 years after Halloween 1978 and ignore everything that happened in the other sequels.

The first trailer brought forth a great feel to the movie and featured Michael Myers returning to Haddonfield after being released from a psychiatric prison. The second trailer focuses on Michael’s torment of his hometown and his neverending battle with Laurie Strode (Curtis).

Even though the sequels are not going to exist as far as this storyline goes, it looks like there will be some tributes to the other movies. As Cinema Blend points out, Michael wanders unnoticed through the busy streets of Haddonfield and it is almost a direct scene from Halloween II.

This trailer shows more of how Laurie has been prepping for the return of Michael (no longer her brother) after 40 years. She has been preparing for it for a long time and will do anything to keep her family and herself safe from his foreboding and menacing wrath.

In the new trailer, they talk about Michael Myers killing three people on Halloween night back in 1978. As you can see right away, there may be a much higher body count in Halloween 2018 as Michael ends up bludgeoning a random woman with a hammer only to find his iconic knife.

Some of those from today’s generation may not think that a calm and slow-moving mass murderer like Michael Myers is scary or believable. The thing is, Halloween is the horror movie franchise that so many people grew up with, and it is clear from this trailer that the fear still works. On October 19, 2018, Jamie Lee Curtis will be Laurie Strode and face her fate one last time.

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