Liam Hemsworth Scares Miley Cyrus Again In A Parking Lot In Funny Prank Video

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Liam Hemsworth was scaring fiancée Miley Cyrus once again in another hilarious video he posted on social media. After previously terrifying the singer in a clip he shared with fans last week, Metro is reporting that the actor opted to give her yet another scare as she sat alone in her car in a parking lot in a new video he posted to social media.

The latest scare video showed Hemsworth sneakily creeping up to Cyrus’s car as she sat with her back towards the window while on her phone.

The Independence Day: Resurgence actor cheekily smiled at the camera as he filmed his fiancé sitting in her white vehicle before then got closer and closer to her parked car before screaming at her from outside the window.

A clearly shocked and confused Miley then jerked forwards and jumped in her seat following Liam’s prank before staring at the actor through the closed window.

But while Cyrus may have been looking a little confused following her man’s hilarious scare prank this week, this certainly isn’t the first time Hemsworth has hit the former Hannah Montana actress with a jump scare.

As Inquisitr previously reported, it was only last week that he leaped out in front of her in the dark.

Hemsworth shared a pretty hilarious video of himself scaring the “We Can’t Stop” singer as she stepped outside, which led to a profanity-ridden rant from the star.

After being seriously scared by the Australian actor last week, Miley hit back, “You f***ing c***. I hate you!” before she then joked, “Aw, Liam! He is so f***ing annoying.”

He then admitted in the clip that his scare in the dark outdoors was a “harsh one” before writing in the caption, “Please excuse Miley’s foul language. Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad…almost.”

Since reconciling their romance in October 2016, the couple has mainly opted to keep their romance under wraps.

However, Miley opened up about her man’s love of pranks in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! back in May where she admitted that his scare pranks are pretty constant in their house.

“Yes, constantly [Liam likes to scare me],” Cyrus told the late-night host earlier this year per ELLE, joking that she still hadn’t caught onto when he’s about to jump out at her even though he does it so often.

Liam Hemsworth creeps up & scares Miley Cyrus in hilarious video
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“I just don’t know why I haven’t caught onto this is all—but I don’t know he’s around every corner. He’s around a lot of corners,” Cyrus joked at the time, before admitting that she definitely planned to get him back with a prank of her own even though she’s not the best and scaring people herself.

“I’m obviously very loud so I’m not good at scaring people,” the former The Voice coach then admitted, “And he’s like ‘I can hear you back there behind the door.'”