Two Friends Made A Fake Poster Of Themselves And Put It Up On A McDonald’s Wall — It’s Been There 51 Days

Nathan Francis - Author

Sep. 3 2018, Updated 12:45 p.m. ET

Two friends noticed that of all the posters at their local McDonald’s, none of them had Asian people in them — so they made one of themselves and put it up on the wall.

It’s now been there 51 days and counting.

The friends shared their accomplishment on Twitter, posting pictures of the very professional-looking poster, which really nails the “hip Millennial friends enjoying McDonald’s while on the go” genre that is pervasive in fast-food décor.

There’s actually a bit more to the guerilla art than an elaborate prank. As Jevh M explained, the idea came after noticing that it’s rare to see Asians like him represented in the media — from the movie screen to pictures on the walls at McDonald’s.

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“If you haven’t noticed, there isn’t a lot of Asians represented in the media, and hopefully one day I can see someone like me on the big screen,” he said in a YouTube video explaining their idea.

Jevh went on to say he was inspired to create the poster after visiting McDonald’s with his friend Christian and noticing a blank wall just looking for something to fill it.

“I looked at Christian and I said, ‘Hey, what if we put a picture of us up on there?'” he said. “Look around — there are literally no Asians on these walls. Maybe we can change that.”

Getting it done was a little trickier. Jevh explained that the two studied the other pictures on the wall and noticed that most of them were in natural environments — as in, places other than the inside of a McDonald’s. So they dressed like college students and took a picture outside. They then designed the poster and had it printed out.

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The next step was finding a way to put it up. Jevh said that they were able to find a McDonald’s employee polo on sale at a thrift store, and combined with a fake employee badge — for a “regional interior coordinator” — he pretended to be an employee putting up a new piece of art.

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All of the hard work paid off, as the poster blended in with the others and has stayed up for nearly two months.

The fake McDonald’s poster has gotten quite a bit of viral attention online, with many saying the pair could land a job marketing for the fast food chain.

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Others praised them for finding a creative way to give more representation to Asians — even if it is on a McDonald’s wall. It’s not clear yet what the fast-food chain plans to do with the poster, but with the viral attention, it’s likely that their cover is blown.


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