Giuliani Hints Team Trump Will Invoke Executive Privilege To Block Mueller Report From Public Release

Former Mayor, and now attorney for Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani has come up with one more way that he thinks will help stop the Mueller investigation from going forward. While it may seem ridiculous, compared to other things Giuliani has said of late, according to The New Yorker, it may not be all that far fetched. His idea is to let everyone know that no matter what the Mueller investigation discovers, no one is ever going to know, because the White House isn’t going to share it. It’s genius in its simplicity, but whether or not the American public, or even a majority of the members of his own party would stand for it seems a little extraordinary.

Giuliani has provided the press with gems to write about since joining team Trump. One of the favorites has been that president can’t testify because he will perjure himself. If he doesn’t perjure himself, it isn’t perjury because truth is lies and lies are truth, or “truth isn’t truth.” He is either a master of misdirection and doublespeak, per Politico, or he’s unbalanced. There is no in-between depending on where you get your news. Even then, even some of his own allies struggle to understand what he is really trying to illustrate.

With his latest comments regarding the Mueller report, there is no misunderstanding what he is saying. He is being quite clear in saying that it is within the power of the White House to claim Executive privilege, possibly even a national security risk, and accept the Mueller report with no intention of ever releasing it to the public. No release to the public is one thing, but keeping it out of the hands of intelligence committees will be a very different story. Unless the dynamics of the House and Senate change at the midterm elections, keeping it confidential in committee shouldn’t even be a problem unless it is leaked to the press.

Giuliani claims that Trump’s original legal team, which has long since turned over, made a deal with Robert S. Mueller that allows for not releasing the report to anyone, per TPM and The New Yorker.

“Giuliani pointed out a little-known aspect of the agreement that Trump’s original legal team struck with Mueller: the White House reserved the right to object to the public disclosure of information that might be covered by executive privilege. I asked Giuliani if he thought the White House would raise objections. ‘I’m sure we will,’ he said, adding that the President would make the final call.”

Giuliani has floated the idea of invoking executive privilege in a variety of ways many times since joining team Trump, and again, depending on what analyst a person prefers to believe it is either cited as brilliant or “a loser,” as CNN has previously described it. Furthermore, team Trump is preparing a report of their own to release simultaneously with the Mueller investigation report, refuting the points they expect it to raise. Giuliani told The New Yorker it is already 45 pages long and growing.

Whatever the truth is in what Giuliani is saying is and will happen regarding the Mueller report is uncertain. The information he is providing on strategy changes almost weekly and not all of it makes immediate sense unless it is for the purpose of misdirection. As no one else on Trump’s legal team is commenting on the possibility of using executive privilege to effectively bury the Mueller report, only time will tell how much of what Giuliani is saying is truth and how much of it is misdirection.