Del Mar Fairground Shooting Video Appears To Show Deputy Shoot Armed Man In The Back Outside Ice Cube Concert

Video from the Del Mar Fairground appears to show a sheriff’s deputy shooting a man in the back outside an Ice Cube concert after witnesses said the man opened fire.

As Fox 5 San Diego reported, shots were fired at the fairground just after 7 p.m. local time. Video of the shooting has since been posted to Twitter, which shows officers firing four shots at a man in a black coat as he appeared to be turned away. The man then fell to the ground as deputies tried to disperse the crowd.

The circumstances of the Del Mar Fairground shooting were not immediately clear. Though officers seemed to shoot the man while his back was turned, the video appeared to show the man holding something in his hand and walking toward another person when he was shot.

Witnesses told CBS 8 that the suspect had opened fire as the crowd grew restless while waiting to get into the concert, and police tried to stop the man.

“According to witnesses, at the end of a race at the track the crowd was getting restless as people filed in for the Ice Cube concert that was to follow the races,” the report noted. “The concert was sold out and gates were reportedly closed to those trying to enter around 6:45 p.m.

“A person then reportedly pulled out a gun and fired it three times into the air, according to witnesses. Sheriffs tased the suspect and opened fire when that did not stop him. Witnesses believe the suspect was killed.”

The video did not show the man open fire, but he did appear to be holding something in the air before police opened fire.

Other video captured the moment that public address announcers at the racetrack announced there had been a shooting.

After the shooting, fairground officials said the situation was contained, and that the concert would go on as scheduled. There was a full day of races and events scheduled, with the Ice Cube concert set to cap off the day. Witnesses said the crowd waiting to get into the concert had grown restless before the shooting, though it was not clear why the suspect opened fire.

The man shot by police at the Del Mar Fairgrounds was transported to a nearby hospital, Fox 5 San Diego reported. His condition was not immediately available, though some witnesses believe the man had been killed.

Video of the Del Mar Fairgrounds shooting can be seen here, but be warned that it may be disturbing to some viewers.