Omarosa Taped Nearly Every Single Conversation During Her Tenure In The White House, 'Axios' Reports

Former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault-Newman shook the American public to its core by releasing secret tapes recorded during her tenure in the White House. In particular, a secret tape supplied to NBC News of campaign official Lara Trump offering Omarosa a $15,000-a-month job after she was fired from the administration propelled the former Apprentice star into U.S. and world media.

Just as Omarosa's name was starting to fade to the background, removing itself from the mainstream of the American collective consciousness, Axios published an exclusive report, based on statements from an individual supposedly close to Omarosa.

Axios' source revealed Omarosa's methods, providing insider information about ex-White House adviser's recordings. Apparently, Omarosa recorded nearly every conversation she had during her tenure in the White House, including ones with "all of the Trumps."

She reportedly did this with a personal phone, almost always set on record mode. Since Omarosa carried two phones with her at all times - a personal phone, and another phone issued by the U.S. government - she would often put conversations she had with administration officials via work phone on speaker, and then record them with her personal phone.

Before heading into classified meetings, according to Axios' source, Omarosa would simply press record on her personal phone - which she carried with her at all times, in her pocket, or in her purse - and record the conversation.

Omarosa's "undercover" work also made her paranoid, so the ex-White House adviser refused to communicate with her friends via email or text. She would, instead, use Facebook Messenger, which she evidently considered to be a much safer option. According to Axios' source, the root of Omarosa's fears and paranoia was Hillary Clinton's email scandal.
"Omarosa wouldn't write me on email or text me — many [conversations] happened on Facebook Messenger (she didn't want what happened to Hillary Clinton and her emails to happen to her."
The former White House adviser's book Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House stirred up a lot of controversy once outlets such as the Guardian, and the Washington Post started publishing excerpts, quoting, and paraphrasing various sections of the book.

As Fortune noted, Omarosa hit all of the morning talk shows, released scandalous tapes, and made serious accusations against members of the Trump administration and against President Trump himself. However, Unhinged has not topped the charts; perhaps because the public has, as Fortune suggested, simply lost interest in behind-the-scenes books about the Trump administration after Michael Wolff's explosive and best-selling Fire and Fury.