Kelly Ripa Shares Cute Photo Of Herself & Husband Mark Consuelos Walking The Beach

Kelly Ripa took to Instagram Sunday to share a photo of herself and husband Mark Consuelos walking barefoot on the beach. Kelly sported a royal blue bikini top, a yellow and blue sarong, and a white hat with a black band. Walking to her right is Mark is wearing a gold chain and watch plus dark swim trunks with an animal on one leg. They both donned dark sunglasses. Kelly captioned the photo with a comment that they had left over a million footprints in the sand in the last 23 years. She added that they had done the calculation to figure that out then joked that Mark actually did the math because "I don't do math." Followers commented that they could relate with struggling with math and that she and Mark are a great example of great parents and the perfect couple.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ripa shared a throwback photo on Instagram earlier this week that showed her on vacation with her children in 2003. In the photo, Joaquin, who is now 15-years-old, is just an infant, which means Michael (now 21) was about 6-years-old, and Lola (now 17) was about 2-years-old. Kelly doesn't look exactly relaxed in the photo, and commented that "a vacation with your kids is a trip, not a vacation."

The new season of Kelly and Ryan kicks off Monday, with guests that include Howie Mandel from the host panel of America's Got Talent and Derek Hough of the NBC dance competition show World of Dance. Mandel is expected to talk about America's Got Talent as well as the upcoming reboot of the game show Deal or No Deal. This will mark the 31st season of Live. Kelly has been on the show since 2002.

Ripa and Consuelos met while acting together on the soap opera All My Children and have been married since 1996. Pop Sugar reported last year that Mark saw Kelly before she saw him. While auditioning he caught a glimpse of her and had an instant crush but didn't think he had any chance at anything more than friendship. When the two ended up cast as lovers on the soap opera, all that changed. The following year they married in Las Vegas. Consuelos explained the simple date and proposal, saying that after a walk in the park, she went back to his apartment for pizza and wine, and he proposed to her. She didn't think he was serious, but he was! They were married the following day. Kelly wore a dress she paid $199 for at Barney's Warehouse.