A Couple Claims Their Chihuahua Was Killed At Dog Day Care, Then Cremated While They Were On Vacation

A Connecticut day care facility for dogs is currently being investigated by local police after allegations from a grieving couple who claim their dog, Peanut, was attacked and killed by another animal while it was supposed to be under the supervision of the boarding facility called The Flying Fur

Fox News Denver reports that the couple never saw Peanut's remains, as the employees at the daycare handed Ana and Arturo Rodriguez an urn filled with what they said were the chihuahua's ashes. Officials representing Flying Fur reportedly turned town an on-camera interview with reporters as of the time of this writing.

The owner of Flying Fur, Sandy Brengi, did make a statement regarding the attack that killed Peanut and addressed rumors that the chihuahua was attacked by a pit bull. She indicated such rumors were not an accurate assessment of the event.

"The accident that occurred was not the result of gross negligence, but an isolated accident between 2 boarding/daycare guests, that had previously been playing nicely together. I would also like to clarify the confusion regarding the breed of the other dog involved.

"This dog was not a pit bull, as has been reported, but rather a mixed breed dog, that weighs between 25 – 30 lbs. We group our daycare guests together by size and temperament and at no time was there a dog larger than 30lbs in this play group. Additionally, there were no more than 8-10 dogs in that weight group the day this accident occurred.

"As principal owner, it was my decision not to contact his family as it was my understanding they were traveling out of town for personal matters. I thought the news would add stress to what was already a very emotional situation for them. It was also my decision to have him privately cremated and placed in a decorative urn."

Ana Rodriguez says there are still so many questions that have not been answered. Arturo says he is devastated after being emotionally invested in his dog. He went on to mention that he didn't have his own children and described Peanut as "[his] world."

Getty Images | Yavuz Mayveci
Less likely to attack than chihuahuas or poodles, pit bills are often labeled as dangerous. Peanut was rumored to have been killed by a pit bull, but the owner of the Flying Fur says those rumors are untrue.

While away and reportedly caring for an ill relative, the Rodriguez couple phoned Flying Fur to check in on their chihuahua, only to be told that he was fine and that Peanut was interacting pleasantly with the other dogs within the facility.

However, once they arrived home, the couple found that Peanut had died and was already cremated, without having been informed of as much.

Notes from the veterinarian who was attending during the incident state that Peanut's cremation occurred on July 17, 2018, a date which is confirmed on the cremation certificate. The Rodriguez family returned home on July 20, having received no prior knowledge of the event.

Ana Rodriguez has stated that due to the lack of notification and what she is calling an "offensive" cremation, she believes there may have been "underlying reasons" why they were never informed about the death of their dog.

Meanwhile, Arturo is not even sure that the ashes belong to his dog. This is in part due to the same letter from the veterinarian, where the male chihuahua was described as a female jack russell terrier.

Sandi Brengi has told reporters that this was not done to cover anything up.

The attack which killed Peanut happened outside of the pet play area, where the staff has already openly admitted to leaving pets unattended while cleaning up the kennels indoors.