Conservative Ken Cuccinelli Slams Meghan McCain For Veiled Criticism Of Donald Trump At Father’s Funeral

The former Virginia attorney general accused her of "lobbing political hand grenades" for a veiled reference to Trump.

Conservative Ken Cuccinelli Slams Meghan McCain For Criticizing Donald Trump At Father's Funeral
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The former Virginia attorney general accused her of "lobbing political hand grenades" for a veiled reference to Trump.

Conservative commentator Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t like the way Meghan McCain took aim at Donald Trump in remarks at her own father’s funeral, and is letting her know about it.

The former Virginia attorney general took to Twitter on Saturday, to announce his displeasure that John McCain’s daughter used her father’s funeral as a chance to take aim at the president, who often mocked McCain during his life. Though she did not mention Trump by name, McCain made a clear contrast between the sacrifices of her father and the “cheap rhetoric” of Trump.

“The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again because America was always great,” Meghan McCain said, an apparent reference to Donald Trump’s pledge to “make America great again.”

Cuccinelli thought it was out of line.

“It’s too bad she can’t participate in a funeral instead of lobbing political hand grenades,” he wrote.

The statement drew some immediate backlash, with many pointing out that Cuccinelli didn’t seem to mind when it was Donald Trump lobbing insults at John McCain, including mocking him for being captured during the Vietnam War. Trump frequently criticizes his perceived enemies on Twitter, including a spat with the family of fallen soldier La David Johnson last year.

Cuccinelli is no stranger to controversial statements. In a heated exchange with CNN host Chris Cuomo this week, Cuccinelli defended Donald Trump’s lack of any statement commemorating McCain’s sacrifices as well as Trump’s decision to raise the flag to full staff one day after McCain’s death, which he reversed amid criticism from veterans groups.

In the exchange, Ken Cuccinelli said that the president gets a pass because he’s not expected to be compassionate.

“But, look, this guy wasn’t hired because he was, you know, going to lead the way in knightly behavior, with a K, knightly behavior,” he claimed, via Real Clear Politics.

“He was elected just to get things done, and he doesn’t do these niceties well. He doesn’t do them gently, and this is an example of it. But he does get the basics.”

Meghan McCain was not the only one taking aim at Donald Trump during John McCain’s funeral. Barack Obama and George W. Bush also appeared to take jabs at Trump for his divisive rhetoric, while praising McCain for his ability to work across the aisle. Ken Cuccinelli did not share any criticism for the former presidents, only Meghan McCain.