Turkey: Two Dead In Terror Attack Outside US Embassy

Ankara, Turkey – A suicide attack outside the US Embassy in Turkey killed at least one victim and the intruder. A gate guard was killed during the blast and a Turkish citizen was also wounded. The bomb reportedly exploded at an embassy side entrance checkpoint.

Video footage of the US Embassy in Turkey attack shows a door being blown apart and debris from the blast flying across the road, Fox News reports. A journalist from the Associated Press reportedly saw a body lying in the street by the entrance after the explosion.

Multiple ambulances were sent to the embassy. A woman who appeared to be severely injured was transported from the scene. A police source noted that two people have been possibly identified as the suicide bomber.

The terrorist was on US property when the attack occurred, according to Reuters.

“We are very sad of course that we lost one of our Turkish guards at the gate.”

Travel agent Kamiyar Barnos works near the embassy and said glass shattered in his shop windows after the blast. The Turkish man also stated he saw what appeared to resemble a body on he ground.

There have not yet been any claims of responsibility related to the US Embassy in Turkey attack. One of the primary security threats reportedly comes from a separatist party labeled a terrorist group by the US, Turkey, and the European Union. The group is known as the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK.

More information will be posted about the US Embassy terror attack when it become available.