September 14, 2015
There Is More To ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Than Defeating Foes

Although The Elder Scrolls Online boasts active combat that can be experienced in both first-person and third-person perspectives, there is quite a lot more to do in the game than just slaying enemies. Of course, that is a completely valid play style; ignoring the non-combat activities is an option, but players who want to avoid combat have plenty to do as well.

Crafting, exploration, and socializing are all non-combat features of The Elder Scrolls Online that players can try for a change of pace. Bethesda Softworks, the game's publisher, says it wants players to know that these activities are there, and to that end, the publisher provided a helpful essay on the subject on

The major diversion from combat in The Elder Scrolls Online is crafting. With six crafting lines and a plethora of combinations, crafters have the flexibility to create and destroy until their hearts are content. The major lines of crafting let players become Blacksmiths, Clothiers, or Woodworkers. These professions let crafters create gear and weapons for their adventures. Blacksmithing gives players the ability to make a variety of weapons and heavy armor. A player who masters the Clothier line can create light and medium armor. Finally, a Woodworking player can create bows, staves, and shields. All of these skills will aid in the combat-driven adventures of a player once their break from saving the world ends.

The Elder Scrolls Online
A Breton in Redguard armor

The other three crafting professions available to players are Provisioning, Enchanting, and Alchemy. Items for these professions are also found in the world, but players won't natively know how to use them right away. In the case of Provisioning, players need to find all kinds of food around world of Tamriel as well as recipes that detail how to put the ingredients together. For Enchanting and Alchemy, though, a character must test out theories before finally making something. Enchanters must combine runestones to see what they produce, while Alchemists can find and eat plants from the wild to see what kind of properties they have. Mixing together the rights plants results in powerful potions and serums.

All of these crafting professions level up with use. Whether a player creates a new item or destroys an existing one for materials, players earn inspiration, or crafting experience, that increases the associated profession's level. Investing a number of skill points in their favorite crafting professions is a wise choice for players serious about mastering their chosen profession. The Elder Scrolls Online has enough skill points available to master one or two crafting lines as well as a character's combat-oriented lines like weapons, armor, and class skills.

Taking a break from combat can also include simply exploring the world. Finding new locations gives the character valuable experience, and stumbling into the right area can be even more beneficial depending on what is located there. Chests, Lorebooks, skill books, and skyshards are all waiting to be discovered. Not to mention, the Legerdemain skill lets opportunistic players take what isn't theirs from locked chests or directly off of unsuspecting NPCs.

The Elder Scrolls Online
An Altmer playing a lute in The Elder Scrolls Online

For social butterflies guilds, chat, and emotes let players express themselves to each other. When not in combat in The Elder Scrolls Online, players can kick back with each other, enjoying the company or planning their next big adventure. The adventure just got bigger when the game's first DLC released just weeks ago. As the Inquisitr reported, the DLC includes PvE and PvP experiences for those looking to get into the fight. Players can learn more about the Imperial City DLC on the official website.

[Images courtesy of Bethesda Softworks]