NFL Trade News: New York Jets Trading Teddy Bridgewater To New Orleans Saints

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Drew Brees seems ageless at times, but he can’t stay under center for the New Orleans Saints forever. Many have often wondered who will end up taking his place for the Black and Gold once it is time to hang up the cleats, but that question may have finally been answered. With just one game remaining in the 2018 NFL preseason, the Saints have acquired Teddy Bridgewater in a trade with the New York Jets.

On Wednesday afternoon, news broke from the official website of NFL that the Saints are getting another quarterback to add to the backup mix. The Saints already were testing the waters with Taysom Hill, J.T. Barrett, and Tom Savage, but no one was really standing out thus far.

As for the New York Jets? Bridgewater was seen as a possible starter before the preseason began, but it now appears as the team had other plans. ESPN is reporting that Sam Darnold will end up being the starter for week one with veteran Josh McCown likely taking the reserve spot behind him.

Even though Bridgewater hasn’t played with many of the starters, he has still played really well during the preseason. He has completed 74 percent of his passes and built up a passer rating of 104.7 to show that his hurt knee is no longer an issue.

Exact details of the trade have not yet been released, but reports are coming out stating that the Jets will receive draft picks in exchange for the young quarterback. It is possible that another player or two may be involved in the trade, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Bridgewater may end up getting some playing time with the New Orleans Saints very soon as the team will take on the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night. Drew Brees is not expected to play in the preseason finale, but it may also end up being too short of notice for Bridgewater to get into the groove and learn any of the playbook.

For now, it is very likely that Taysom Hill and Tom Savage will get the bulk or all of the playing time against the Rams. So far, Hill has had a slight advantage and with the addition of Bridgewater, the Saints won’t cut Hill but keep him on special teams.

UPDATE – 3:20 p.m.

NFL Network reported that this trade for Bridgewater has been in the works for a while as they have continued to try and move him. No other teams had met what the Jets were asking for, but then, the Saints stepped up with a third-round pick.

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The New York Jets waited until almost the last minute of the 2018 NFL preseason, but they have finally been able to lighten their quarterback load. Sam Darnold will be their regular season starter as Teddy Bridgewater has been traded to the Saints. In New Orleans, the Saints now have a talented backup for Drew Brees and are possibly looking at their future franchise quarterback as well.