WWE News: Goldberg Reveals The One Superstar He Wants To Have A Match Against

After losing the WWE Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar at last year’s WrestleMania, Bill Goldberg had completed his second run with the company. Many believe it may have honestly been his last and that he had finally retired from the ring once and for all, but he’s not ruling out a possible return. As a matter of fact, Goldberg has now revealed the one superstar he’d like to have a match against, and he wouldn’t say “no” if it was offered to him.

Despite having two runs in WWE, Goldberg was never able to have a feud with The Undertaker and it is obvious that the “Deadman” is nearing the end of his career. With Goldberg retired/not retired, one would have to think this would have to happen soon if it was going to take place at all.

Earlier this year, Goldberg was inducted into the 2018 class for the WWE Hall of Fame, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he will never wrestle again. During a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, Goldberg was asked if he would like to wrestle The Undertaker and he was sure to be careful in how he chose his words.

Still, he made it perfectly clear that he is open to the idea.

Again, Goldberg didn’t want to start a bunch of rumors or have his words twisted when answering the question. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., he made sure to let everyone know that he would like it, but everything would have to fall perfectly into place.

“Don’t put words in my mouth. I would like to have it if it came available and it was right and people wanted it I’m still capable of doing it.

“Because once I sit here and say it’s a match I’d like to have that means I’m asking for it — I’m not asking for anything — I’m just saying if the cards fell right I wouldn’t say no.”

Goldberg went on to say that he has been friends with The Undertaker for a long time, dating back even to his college days at the University of Georgia.

During the buildup for WrestleMania 33, there was a bit of a tease thrown at the fans by WWE. Goldberg was building up to his match against Brock Lesnar while Taker was building up to his against Roman Reigns, but the two legends had a small staredown moment in the ring.

“We teased you with something. The problem with that is that sometimes we’re not able to deliver and ultimately give people what they want. I’m not at WWE anymore, we never had an opportunity — other than that staredown — to look at each other in the ring in that setting.”

Also, Goldberg was eliminated by The Undertaker in the 2017 Royal Rumble and that was the only time the two had a bit of a showdown.

Goldberg goes on to say that it will probably never happen, but anything is possible in the world of professional wrestling. He even said that it was “bittersweet” the night he crossed paths with The Undertaker because he knew “there wasn’t a payoff for that.” Stranger things have happened in WWE and this isn’t out of the question, but a lot would have to happen for the two legends to collide in the ring.

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