Becca Kufrin Reveals Her Choice To Be The Next ‘Bachelor’

Craig SjodinABC

Reigning Bachelorette, Becca Kufrin, is speaking out about who she would like to see become the new star of ABC’s The Bachelor.

According to an August 28 report by E! News, Becca Kufrin recently opened up on her choice for The Bachelor, revealing that she thinks one of her top four guys, Jason Tartick, would be perfect for the job.

Becca says that while she hopes that each and every one of the men who appeared on her season of The Bachelorette finds love and happiness, she believes that Jason would be an amazing choice to become The Bachelor and that it would a very interesting season to watch for her, as well as the fans.

“He’s such a sweetheart,” Kufrin said of Tartick. “I want all of those guys to find somebody like what I found in Garrett, but Jason will always have a soft spot in my heart,” she added.

In addition, Becca Kufrin says that Jason Tartick would make a great Bachelor because of his “exuberant personality,” and his ability to make people feel at ease. “He’d go all in on every single date and make every girl feel comfortable. [It would be] such a fun season to watch.”

Jason recently opened up to Bustle about being interested in becoming the new Bachelor. Tartick says that he would love to find his person and that he believes the show could help him do that.

“I would be interested for the fact that I’m in the spot to find that person,” the Bachelorette fan favorite told the outlet earlier this month. “I did find [love] through The Bachelorette, and I think I could find it through the journey of The Bachelor.”

In addition, Jason Tartick says that he has heard rumors in the media and had a lot of fans pushing for him to become ABC’s new leading man, which he calls very “flattering and endearing.” However, he says that his family is also very supportive of him embarking on the journey.

Jason also states that if he were to be chosen as the next Bachelor, he wouldn’t take himself too seriously. He reveals that he loves to have fun, and would often be the one lightening the mood during his time with Becca and the other guys.

All signs are pointing to Jason Tartick becoming the next Bachelor. He’s revealed that he is open to the experience and has the support from his family, and the fans have spoken out about wanting to see him do it as well. Now, everyone is waiting for the official announcement to find out whether or not he got the job.