August 29, 2018
Indiana Chick-Fil-A To Pay Employees For Community Service While Location Is Closed For Remodel

Those with a hankering for Chick-fil-A in Plainfield, Indiana, should make arrangements to eat at the restaurant located on E. Main St. in the next couple weeks, as it is tentatively scheduled to close during the last week of September for a remodel. According to a report by local Indiana news outlet Fox 59, if the remodel proceeds on schedule, the grand reopening is projected for November.

Typically, when a business closes for a remodel, employees either go without work until the remodel is complete, find a temp job, or – in some cases – get transferred to another location. According to Fox 59, the 100 employees that currently work for this location won't have to worry about where their next paycheck is going to come from. The owner of the location has plans to pay his employees to perform community service until the remodel is finished.

Owner Chris Spires plans to deploy his employees throughout the community to serve various non-profit organizations including parks, schools, and Active Grace (a center dedicated to assisting the homeless community with the transition back into the work force).

Spires told Fox 59 he's thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to the community that has provided him with so much support over the years.

"For the past 14 years, I have served the Plainfield community side by side with some amazing Team Members," he explained.

"The support of our amazing community is the reason we are able to expand and renovate our restaurant. We are thrilled to spend some time while we are closed supporting organizations that make Plainfield and the surrounding areas such a wonderful place to live and do business."
Fox 59 also reported Spires is currently looking for local organizations in the Plainfield area that would benefit from having an extra pair of hands to help out. Plainfield organizations in need are encouraged to reach out to Spires at

The Fox 59's Facebook page post was filled with comments praising both the owner and Chick-fil-A for being such a stand-up guy and a stand-up company.

"McDonalds would make employees go work at another location lol," one Facebook user wrote. "Let's tear down 150 McDonald's and replace them w(ith) chic fil a," a second wrote also slamming McDonald's.

"Chick fil a owners are awesome individuals who believe in serving their community. Always been a fan of chick fil a and always will be. For this reason and more," a third commented.
Many agreed this story was a reason why they supported Chick-fil-A and enjoyed going there for a meal.

When the remodel is complete, the restaurant will feature two drive-thru lanes – like a lot of other fast food places in the area – that merge into one lane to pay for and receive the food.