August 28, 2018
Jennifer Hudson Is A Diva On Set Of 'The Voice': 'She Is Just Not A Pleasant Person,' Shares 'Radar Online'

Jennifer Hudson may be back for another season of The Voice, but that doesn't mean that the people that she works with are happy about it.

While it was regularly reported last year that Hudson exhibited some diva behaviors while on the set of the hit NBC show, another source is sharing that once again, Hudson is back to her old ways as the new season of the show is just weeks away. And reportedly, her behavior is making it a nightmare to work with her, according to Radar Online.

This season, Jennifer will take a seat on one of the famed red chairs alongside Kelly Clarkson, and longtime coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. But behind the scenes is reportedly a mess, says an on-set source.

"There was already a ton of disagreement at the executive level on whether or not to bring back Jennifer. Everyone is aware that she was rehired to bring ratings and that there is really no one on staff that enjoys being around her."
The insider also says that Hudson constantly complains if she is not the center of attention and she doesn't exactly treat the people around her with a ton of respect, either.

"Jennifer is loud, obnoxious and she treats everyone like they are beneath her," the source added. "During auditions she is already pulling the same crap that she did the last time by throwing shoes and such."

Even laid-back coaches Blake Shelton and Adam Levine don't like working with her.

"Blake and Adam didn't want to work with her again but they really had no other choice. She is just not a pleasant person. She b*****s at everything and barks orders at everyone."
Back in June, it was announced that Hudson would be returning to the hit show. As the Inquisitr shared, a source close to the show said that many who work on the TV series "are perplexed as to why she was asked back." The same source even went as far as calling her a "diva nightmare" when she appeared on Season 13 last year.

After Season 13, Hudson was replaced by Alicia Keys. At the time, the sourced claimed that "when Jennifer left last season everyone was rejoicing because of the way that she treated cast and crew." But now, it's Hudson who is returning rather than Keys and it's supposedly for the ratings. Even though Hudson is not pleasant to work with, she does bring in viewers which, at the end of the day, is what's important to the people who hired her back.

The Voice premieres in late September on NBC.