‘Southern Charm’ Star Kathryn Dennis Celebrates Her Birthday In The Bahamas With Friends

The 27th birthday celebration of Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is continuing in the Bahamas with a group of friends which includes cast member Naomie Olindo and Madison Simon. Dennis is having a great birthday “month” as she had a surprise party, and now a Caribbean girls week. But while some of the ladies of Southern Charm are having a blast in Harbour Island, Bahamas, as shown on Instagram, Dennis’ ex, Thomas Ravenel, has broken things off with his Season 5 girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, and has returned to social media.

Us Weekly Magazine shared highlights from various Instagram stories from Kathryn and friends on their tropical vacation and it looks like bliss. The ladies can be seen riding on a golf cart where Kathryn admits they are “Living our best lives!”

While the rest of the crowd seems to tan, Kathryn is taking care with plenty of extra sunscreen due to her redheaded complexion. Olindo teases on Instagram that Dennis is doing a virtual sunblock paint by numbers.

“Ok, so everyone’s applying sunscreen, especially Kathryn … You got enough? You missed a spot.”

The Instagram stories include the ladies with a variety of masks that are reminiscent of Mardi Gras, and images of them swimming with pigs.

Meanwhile, back in Charleston, Dennis’ ex, Thomas Ravenel, has reportedly broken things off for good with Ashley Jacobs, and has returned to social media to interact with fans. Ravenel initially seemed upbeat he explained on Twitter that his life was looking up now that he had broken things off with the hospice nurse from California.

“Today, my personal life just took a huge upward turn. I finally have more than enough information to move forward without any doubt or hesitation and I’ll never look back.”

Ravenel insisted that he was single and “ready to mingle,” and insisted that he might have been cheated on anyway, so now he is seeing the situation clearly.

“After 30 years I finally understand the lyrics from that wonderful Chicago tune: ‘If she would have been faithful, if she could have been true, then I would have been cheated, I would have never known real love.'”

Ravenel added that Jacobs was now seeing at least three other men, and then he turned his anger to Kathryn Dennis and the controversy over the blood tests that he routinely ordered, which left her arms bruised from repeated blood drawing. He indicated on Twitter that he believes Dennis might have faked the bruises with makeup.

“I’m not supposed to say this but…think makeup,” he said.

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