Olivia Culpo Just Posted A Sweet Photo Tribute To Her Sister, Sophia, And Beauty Runs In The Family

Richard ShotwellAP Images

Olivia Culpo’s beauty is no secret, but did you know her younger sister was equally cute? Olivia made a sweet tribute to her younger sister, Sophia, a little while ago, posting a sunny video of them together. Olivia is wearing some dazzling red lipstick, and both sisters’ eyebrows are perfectly sculpted. Judging by their cheeky pose in this photo, Olivia’s touching caption is no exaggeration; these gals are close.

“Side by side or miles apart, sisters will always be connected by the heart,” Olivia said in the caption, which touches our hearts. Despite traveling the world as a successful model, Olivia still finds time to reach out to her sister and let her know how much she means to her.

Olivia isn’t the only model in the family, however. Sophia Culpo has her own modeling career ahead of her, and is currently signed by the modelling agency Maggie Incorporated. According to her profile on their website, she’s already had some really stunning headshots done. The younger Culpo is following in her older sister’s footsteps, which is super sweet.

Both sisters are pretty in unique ways, which makes for an interesting contrast between them. Where Olivia is dark-haired, her younger sister is sporting a dark blonde look. This bodes well for Sophia’s modeling career, as it sets her apart from her sister. Who knows, maybe we’ll see them in a shoot together someday.

However, Olivia and Sophia aren’t the only attractive members of the family. According to InStyle, their dad, Peter, is a silver fox in his own right. Miss Universe 2012 has three other siblings besides Sophia, older brother Pete, younger brother Gus, and her older sister, Aurora. If the rest of their family is any indication, they’re probably just as attractive.

Peter and Susan Culpo passed down some amazing genes to their kids, which has allowed their two youngest daughters to flourish in the modeling industry.

Olivia won three competitions in quick succession, climbing from Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and Miss Universe 2012 in just one year. This is an accomplishment shared by no one else, and she’s the first USA representative to win Miss Universe since Brooke Lee, who won in 1997. While she’s setting records, Olivia’s younger sister, Sophia, is making a name for herself.

We’ve yet to see any high-profile shoots from Sophia, but we’re confident she’ll get her chance to shine. When she does, we’re certain her sister, Olivia, will be there to cheer her on.