WWE News: Jack Swagger Reveals Why He Left The WWE, Says He Can Beat Brock Lesnar In Amateur Wrestling


Former WWE champion Jack Swagger has not only been making a huge name for himself in independent wrestling promotions, like Lucha Underground, but he is also signed to the MMA company Bellator. Jack Swagger recently spoke with Submission Radio on why he ended his relationship with the WWE, and the wrestler and MMA fighter also stated that he could beat former WWE and UFC champion Brock Lesnar in an amateur wrestling match.

As seen in the in-depth interview below, Jack Swagger explained why he left the WWE. The All-American said that going out and wrestling in front of thousands of fans is what he was born to do. Jack Swagger remarked that he felt like he was in the WWE for a different reason than what the company was using him for, and that he missed competing, as transcribed by Ringside News.

“It came to a point where I wasn’t there for the same reasons that they were having me there. Like, I need to compete, and that’s one thing that I take away from leaving WWE, is I’ll never go this long without competing again because it’s a part of who I am.”

The former WWE champion added that he decided to leave the company based on the combination of two things: he needed to be pushed and he needed a change. Swagger said that it was also a great time to leave the WWE because of how popular professional wrestling is in the indies, and he added that he has been working non-stop since he left the WWE. Jack said that he also knew he had an MMA opportunity in front of him, and leaving the WWE allowed him to focus on mixed martial arts.

Jack Swagger, real name Donald Jacob Hager, Jr., attended the University of Oklahoma. The former WWE superstar set the school’s wrestling record in 2006 for most pins (30), and he finished as an All-American. To say that Brock Lesnar is an accomplished amateur wrestler would be an understatement. “The Beast Incarnate” is a NCAA Division I All-American, a NCAA Division I Heavyweight Champion, and a Big Ten Conference Champion. When asked who would win in an amateur wrestling match, Jack Swagger gave a very confident answer, as Sportskeeda transcribed.

“By comparing wrestling techniques, you mean that I can take Brock Lesnar down at will? Yes, when we compared wrestling techniques. I could close my eyes and tie one hand behind my back and I could bounce Brock Lesnar’s forehead off the mat if he ever, ever tried to wrestle with me.”

Fans will likely never see the two former WWE champions square off in an amateur wrestling bout, but it’s fun to ponder the outcome if Brock Lesnar ever wrestled Jack Swagger.