August 26, 2018
Olivia Culpo Wants Your Opinion On What Length Her Hair Should Be

When you have long hair, chopping it all off to go for a bob can be a scary change. It's difficult to decide what to do with your hair, but people will always fall over themselves to tell you their opinion. However, instead of waiting for other people to chime in, Olivia Culpo is asking fans what they like best beforehand.

According to Mane Addicts, she made the big leap back in 2015 to cut her hair, going with a short yet feminine bob instead. The look was a success, and she's proven time and time again that she looks great with any hairstyle. While she's already proven she can rock a bob, she's considering growing her locks back out.

After being crowned as Miss Rhode Island USA, she went on to win Miss USA and Miss Universe that same year. Talk about climbing the ranks! She is the second United States beauty queen to win Miss Universe, following Brooke Lee in 1997.

When she cut her hair in 2015, everyone had an opinion on the big change. People have noted that it must have been difficult to learn styling methods for short hair in the public eye, but Olivia stuck to her guns and continued to dazzle us with her short hair. She made frequent jokes about how different it was to have short hair, and how styling quickly became a breeze.

Last night on Instagram, she posted a stunning photo of her effortlessly curled bob, accompanied with a question.

"Are you team short hair or team long hair?"

She remarked that her fanbase tended to be fifty-fifty regarding the issue, but the comments proved her wrong. An overwhelming majority of commenters gushed about how pretty her short hair was, and it seems the crowd has come to an agreement. Short hair, definitely.

As if in response to this, Olivia posted another picture. This time, it featured a perfectly-coordinated outfit and her now-iconic bob. Between the busty, strapless black top, half-black jeans, and her matching shoes, this is certainly a style that shouldn't be overlooked. She's rocking her short hair, and it seems everyone loves it.

Olivia isn't limited to her Instagram profile. Back in February, she posed in the 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She rocked an iconic one-piece and even did some powerful nude shots. According to Harper's Bazaar, she was overwhelmingly excited to do the shoot.

"I've been dying to do this my entire career. I felt like I was going to cry," she told interviewers.

Her modeling for the magazine was a huge success, but she's still open to feedback, especially from her fans.