WWE News: Big Update On Sheamus Potentially Cashing In 'Money In The Bank' Briefcase At 'Night Of Champions'

When Sheamus won the Money in the Bank briefcase, it was met with much criticism by the WWE Universe. First, Sheamus transitioned from a babyface to a nasty heel. Second, not many can see Sheamus as a WWE World Heavyweight champion. During his initial run on the main roster, John Cena pushed the young Irishman to stardom.

He defeated Cena for the WWE championship in a complete shocker of a finish. Since then, he regressed and then improved as a babyface. However, something has always been missing about Sheamus. His current situation isn't an exception to the rule.

Sheamus has held the prestigious briefcase since Money in the Bank and has only teased a cash-in a couple of times. He's remained low-key with it, unlike Seth Rollins during his ascension to the top of the WWE. Night of Champions is going to provide a rare opportunity for WWE to build another effective star on Sunday evening.

According to Cageside Seats and the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a cash-in by Sheamus is looking better for Night of Champions.

"With Sheamus not booked at Night of Champions, there's new speculation that he might cash in to win the title. If that's the plan, they could be going with the idea of a Sting victory before transitioning to a Sheamus feud with Seth Rollins."

There are a few variables that coincide with this line of thinking. Is Sting simply done with the WWE for the next few months after Night of Champions? He's supposed to be a special attraction, exactly like Brock Lesnar. Lesnar showed up a good bit for a month or two, but after that, he and Paul Heyman left until Royal Rumble season.

That's why the Undertaker is taking time off WWE television. He's a special attraction that WWE fans should pay to see. Anything more than what Lesnar, Sting, and Undertaker do right now would only get saturated. Therefore, anything involving Sting after Sunday isn't realistic. That's the only reason why Sheamus won't cash in on Sting.

As for Rollins, that is always a possibility. Bleacher Report noted that Sheamus' lack of direction is a bit concerning for the WWE champions' future. In the past, Sheamus has wrestled on the card. At Night of Champions, a possibility of three different WWE champions is realistic. How would the WWE Universe react to Sheamus being WWE champion? That remains to be seen, but if it's anything like the reaction he's getting now, that's going to be a wild first night on WWE Raw.

[Image via wwe.com]