‘Big Brother 20’: JC Mounduix Holds Two Surprising ‘BB20’ Records

Cliff LipsonCBS

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother Season 20.

As they say in the Big Brother house, “floaters gonna float” — and that’s just what houseguest JC Mounduix seems to be doing this season. JC is holding two very special records so far this season, and it’s shocking he’s made it as far as he has with them under his belt. At nine weeks in, JC is the only houseguest never to sit on the block, and the only current houseguest that has not won a single competition. According to Big Brother Network on Twitter, JC is well aware of his luck.

This means the Miami dancer is playing through the game, surviving solely on wit alongside his social game. JC has played both sides of the house, but remains most loyal to the “Level 6” alliance, despite not actually being a part of the group. He also gets in the ear of “The Hive” alliance — and basically controlled his friend Faysal Shafaat’s HOH last week — when he convinced him to nominate Scottie Salton.

JC has not come even remotely close to winning a HOH, Veto, or Hacker competition and was not awarded with any of the Power Apps at the beginning of the season. Rachel Swindler, Winston Hines, Steve Arienta, and Angie “Rockstar” Lantry also never won a competition — but all of the aforementioned were eliminated earlier in the season.

JC of Big Brother
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So far this season, Tyler Crispen is the big winner, with one HOH and three Veto wins. Angela Rummans is not far behind, with two HOH victories and one Veto. Faysal has one HOH and 2 Vetoes to his name, while his closest ally, Haleigh Broucher, has one HOH and one Hacker win. Kaycee Clark holds one Veto win and one Hacker competition — while Sam Bledsoe and Brett Robinson are tied for last with one HOH and one Veto respectively.

JC managed to talk himself off going up on the block in Week 4, when Sam was going to put him up as a replacement nominee. At the ceremony, when JC realized what was about to happen he began to cry and begged Sam not to do it — which she eventually caved into. Rockstar was chosen to go up as the replacement nominee and JC’s record remained untarnished.

The Week 8 HOH Competition
JC struggled in the Week 8 HOH competition.Featured image credit: Monty BrintonCBS

Whether JC can make it to the final two remains to be seen. However, many houseguests have already mentioned on the live feeds that they feel they will not win sitting next to JC. The dancer will have to be eliminated by the final four if the rest of the house wants a chance at bringing home the $500,000 prize.

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