Florida Man Attempts To Rob Krispy Kreme Of Money And Doughnuts

Some people will do just about anything for delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts. A Florida man wanted some so badly that he attempted to rob a Gainesville store of the sweet desserts along with some cold, hard cash.

According to an official Facebook post from the Gainesville Police Department, a man entered the establishment at 1:22 a.m. on Friday, August 24, and demanded that the female employee on duty hand over $10 and $20 bills from the cash register and doughnuts from the cases.

Shocked by the man’s request, she called over a female co-worker for assistance. The would-be robber then repeated his demands.

The two stunned Krispy Kreme workers then asked a male clerk to come to the front of the shop. After he assessed the situation, he simply asked the unarmed man to leave the store, which he did.

Officers quickly caught up with the man, who had fled on foot, just south of the shop, on 13th Street. He admitted to the cops that he did ask the Krispy Kreme staff members for money and doughnuts from the “secret menu.”

The three clerks all said that the man the Gainesville Police were questioning was indeed the same one that tried to rob them, and he was taken to the Alachua County Jail.


The police department’s Facebook post did have some humorous elements thrown in, as it is widely known that cops just love to eat doughnuts.

“We know… it’s hard to imagine at least ONE of us wasn’t there at the time of the robbery attempt,” they lightheartedly said. But, once the criminal act was called in, “cops from all across the city lit up and headed to ‘the spot.'”

The Gainesville Police Department statement also jokingly said that their officers have “had to cut back” on their visits to that particular Krispy Kreme shop, but “usually we talk back and forth about the weather, how the doughnuts are doing, and how much we miss seeing them.”

“Yes, this is an actual incident… and no… we don’t believe in making fun of people themselves here so that’s why you don’t see their name or photo. This person made a bad decision and they will have to deal with that… but we aren’t going to blast them here… although the story itself is worth sharing!”

However, the Gainesville Sun identified the would-be robber as 45-year-old Siwatu A. Wright of Tallahassee, Florida. His bond was set at $10,000.

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