Therapist Says Kathryn C. Dennis Under No Obligation To ‘Forgive And Forget’

Southern Charm fans have been at odds with one another since Kathryn Dennis and Ashley Jacobs began butting heads. Season 5 cooked up quite a bit of drama between the two, and it boiled over in a catastrophic fight. After some insensitive comments were made about Dennis’ mothering methods, Ashley attempted to calm the flames by issuing an apology on Instagram.

However, many pointed out that the open letter was a little too obviously written to garner favor from fans — not Kathryn herself. It even began with “to all the Southern Charm fans, in general,” only adding Kathryn as a “particular” afterthought.

According to Brinkwire, Kathryn didn’t take kindly to the “insincere” apology, and read the entire thing with her mouth open in shock. She later retaliated by challenging parts of the letter, saying the letter was addressed “to fans and not her.”

While #TeamKathryn fans insist that the mother was in the right to refuse her rival’s apology, fans of Ashley Jacobs say that it took bravery to admit she was wrong, and Ashley should be forgiven. While many people have come in with their own opinions regarding the dispute in how it should end, one therapist had some interesting advice for Kathryn C. Dennis.

According to Bravo TV, therapist Dr. Liz Lasky says Kathryn is under no obligation to forgive Ashley. As a mother, she doesn’t have to deal with people that criticize her harshly. Mothers have to make decisions to surround themselves with people whose company they enjoy, and Ashley might not be one of those people.

“Mothers feel like they need to build a thick skin to deal with critical comments,” Dr. Lasky said. “Does a mother have to accept an apology from a critical person? No! In fact, many relationships change when someone becomes a parent. People choose to put up boundaries around who they want to spend time with and who they want to listen to.

“Kathryn is free to make either choice: cut Ashley out of her life entirely, or accept the apology and ‘forgive and forget.’ If she chooses the former, she’s free to do so.

“Either choice makes sense to me,” Liz said. “It’s ultimately a very personal decision.”

We’re not sure where these two ladies’ feud will go, but we have a pretty good idea. Kathryn seems to have made her choice regarding Ashley’s apology, and it’s unlikely we’ll see these two kiss and make up any time soon.

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